Live Attack Testing at IFSEC and FIREX International 2022

Live Attack Testing at IFSEC and FIREX International 2022

We’re back at London’s ExCeL at the IFSEC and FIREX International tradeshows, the UK’s largest gathering of fire safety and security professionals.

At IFSEC we’ll be hosting the dynamic Attack Testing Zone where our technicians will demonstrate the techniques we use to put a range of LPS 1175 rated security products through their paces. The demonstrations will show why these highly engineered security doors, fences, palisades and covers have attained LPCB certification, and how they can be deployed to provide high calibre security solutions. Manufacturers currently taking part include Hill Smith Holdings plc, HS Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd, Frontier Pitts and Sunray Engineering.

If you want to know how to be involved and show the audience of consultants, end users and specialist installers why your products make the grade, contact Adam Richmond at IFSEC International.

At FIREX International, we will once again be available on the LPCB Red Book Pavilion where visiting customers can come at meet our experts to discuss third party certification, testing and research. In 2022 we’ll be hosting a series of brief presentations and discussions on the vital importance of third-party approvals, why fire safety professionals must rigorously check the manufacturers’ claims for their products and why the sector has to look further than the logo.


The fire safety environment has dramatically changed over the last two years with the introduction of the Building Safety Bill and the Fire Safety Act with a renewed focus on competency and construction products. FIREX International now has an absolute commitment to third party approval and LPCB is pleased to be a major influence in FIREX’s strategy on competency.

RedBookLive listed companies are welcome to exhibit around the Pavilion and the FIREX team are providing specific booth packages for interested companies. If you wish to find out more about being part of the Red Book Pavilion, please contact Annie Bennett at FIREX.

LPCB Security Product Testing Video

Our third party certification of fire and security equipment is underpinned by robust testing and evaluation of products and supporting documentation and auditing of clients supporting processes. BRE’s forced entry testing of physical security equipment is renowned around the world, by a growing number of Governments, regulators, multinational end-users, police and insurers.

Watch forced entry testing by LPCB

LPCB product certification process

What is product certification?

Certification (or approval) is independent third party confirmation that a product or system meets and continues to meet the appropriate standard. BRE Global offers independent third party certification to existing British, European, International and its own Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) or Schedules of Requirements

Find out more about the certification process

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