Climate change can have significant implications for the built environment, with increasing risk and impacts for buildings, energy, transport, ICT and infrastructures.  Analysis from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment indicates that the built environment will be increasingly affected by extreme weather events, and that incidence and severity of flooding will increase in addition to higher temperatures and changing rainfall patterns.

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Property Flood Resilience Action Plan

We have led and supported a roundtable of private and public sector members on property level flood resilience, following the devastating flooding in 2014/15, to deliver the Property Resilience Action Plan which highlights a series of recommendations and actions to make the UK more resilient.

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Flood Resilient Repair House

We created a demonstration home as part of the BRE Innovation Park at Watford which has been adapted to be resistant and resilient to flooding. It is designed to keep water out, but if it does get it in it is designed to manage water removal, dry out quickly and be suitable to move back into in a very short time after a flood incident.

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Projects and publications

We have led and supported a range of industry led or supported projects or research programmes.

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