For over 100 years BRE has adapted its solutions to new built environment challenges and invested and re-invested in research, innovation, and data science.


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Sustainability in infrastructure


BREEAM Infrastructure (formerly CEEQUAL)


The world’s first sustainability rating scheme for improving the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure assets.


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Why BREEAM Infrastructure

Strategic Advisory


Addressing net zero, decarbonisation, climate change, energy efficiency, strategy and policy, health and wellbeing, circular economy, and renewable energy.


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Integrated design, enhanced engineering, future buildings.

We deliver the expertise to help you deliver productive, sustainable, and responsible construction portfolios that shape the future for a better world.


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The leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) platform for the built environment to measure and report on carbon, energy, waste, and social value.


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Information Management


BRE is a world-leading, multi-disciplinary, building science centre with a mission to improve buildings and infrastructure through research and knowledge generation. Our expert team of Building Information Management (BIM) professionals work to high quality, with precise attention to detail and due diligence. Our team includes experienced BIM practitioners and chartered professionals who represent their industry bodies.


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Testing & certification


With unique facilities BRE is equipped to help contractors, developers and consultancies. BRE testing – whether standard or bespoke – covers R&D, design and remedial aspects and includes:

– Engineering support

We undertake specialist testing and investigations into the real behaviour of structures, systems, and products.

– Indoor Air Quality

We help building developers, owners, managers, and occupants to ensure that their buildings and communities not only meet regulatory requirements but are also places in which people want to live, work, and spend time.

– Fire assessment

We have more than fifty years of experience in research and fire investigation, and have one of the largest and most advanced fire experimental facilities in the UK.

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The BRE Academy is the leading training provider for businesses and individuals working in the built environment. Our trusted built-by-BRE solutions are grounded in 100 years of experience in safety and sustainability.

Net Zero Carbon Foundations


For those who care about the impact of the built environment but don’t know where to start.


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BREEAM Infrastructure V6 Assessor


Training for the world’s leading sustainability infrastructure assessment tool.


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Building Information Management (BIM)


Achieve efficiencies and win more clients with an international standard ISO 19650.


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Training for the world’s leading sustainability lifecycle assessment tool for the built environment.


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Fire & safety


Practical courses for the most important element of design, construction, and maintenance.


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