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Learn about the founders of the service that allows construction professionals to measure carbon, life-cycle environmental and life-cycle cost performance.



BRE is a world leading, multi-disciplinary, building science centre with a mission to improve buildings and infrastructure, through cutting-edge research and knowledge generation.

BRE maintains a range of products, services, standards and qualifications that are used around the world to bring about positive change in the built environment. Learn more about BRE


AEC3 is an international consulting firm that combines a range of capabilities with global expertise to resolve information needs and deliver strategic solutions to the industry.

AEC3 models and analyses existing construction business processes and proposes the adaptation of improved working methods and IT tools to re-engineer the processes. AEC3 supports process and information integration tasks in construction and facility management projects committed to gain from building information modelling leading towards full building life-cycle management.

AEC3 is the leading expert in developing and deploying IFC based data integration and communication solutions, including the adaptation of IFC for particular needs in projects and for IFC/ifcXML software customisation.


Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. is a world leading software and consultancy company specialising in sustainable building design and operation. IES is a global vendor of software tools that assist Architects and Engineers design low energy sustainable buildings. Founded fifteen years ago IES’ robust and proven software has already become the most respected analysis package in the UK, and is rapidly gaining global recognition with IES software used over 130 countries. IES’ consultancy team is renowned for its work on Heathrow T5, the Scottish Parliament Building and Wal-Marts Global Sustainable Store Initiative.

IES is focused to deliver real change in integrated sustainable analysis, and has a strong desire to extend this to sustainable analysis of the industrial system. This drive extends to altruism, where IES provides free energy and carbon assessment software that is applicable throughout the world through its VE-Ware product. IES also provides a free UK building regulation tool VE-SBEM.

WD Re-Thinking Ltd.

WD Re-Thinking Ltd. was a branch of Willmott Dixon Ltd., a leading specialist consultancy providing clients with practical solutions to complex problems, which deliver outcomes that are sustainable, innovative and transformational. WD Re-Thinking Ltd’s dedicated team aims to bring together best-in-class providers and offer services that challenge established ways of working and thinking and provide different solutions which add value.

WD Re-Thinking Ltd embeds sustainability into all the services it offers and therefore supports the delivery of high quality and inspirational buildings, which have lower operating costs, reduced environmental impact and provide healthy, comfortable and productive environments for occupants and the wider community.

Whole Life Limited

Whole Life Ltd. is an independent consultancy specialising in assessment and measurement of long term performance, costs and value. Its specialist services include assessment of durability, condition and defects, as well as stakeholder consultation and business case development from inception to post-occupancy evaluation. Whole Life Ltd. specialises in assessment of whole life costs and/or life cycle costs for a range of sectors and procurement routes, including PFI and PPP procurement, but also Design & Build procurement, in particular for suppliers bidding to public sector clients. Sectors of expertise include education, prisons, housing, sports and health.

Whole Life Ltd. has worked as retained principal consultant on whole life costing and whole life value with RTS for a number of years. Much of the work involves providing training and whole life cost plans for Willmott Dixon Construction, and other members of the Willmott Dixon Group.

In addition to consultancy services Whole Life Ltd. is also active in both national and international standardisation, through the Managing Director, Kathryn Bourke. Kathryn is convenor of the international standards committee which recently published BS/ISO 15686 on life cycle costing, the first international standard in this field. She also represents the UK on CEN and ISO standards committees on service life planning and integrated assessment of sustainability.