Environmental assessment

Environmental assessment service for air quality, buildings chemical risk, construction products and material, contaminated land, light, noise, REACH, water

We offer a wide range of environmental assessment services including (click links for further information):

  • Air quality: indoor air quality, including materials emissions, and outdoor air pollution.
  • Buildings: BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s most widely used means of reviewing and improving the environmental performance of buildings.
  • Chemical risks (pdf leaflet): advice on the environmental risks associated with the production, use and disposal of chemicals.
  • Construction products and materials: BRE’s Certified Environmental Profiling system provides a credible measurement of the environmental performance of building materials and products.
  • Contaminated land: detecting and treating contamination.
  • Light: including site layout for daylighting, the rights to light, daylight measurement, window design, solar shading, and avoidance of glare and solar heat.
  • Noise: monitoring and assessing levels of environmental noise to help solve any neighbourhood, construction site, classroom or other noise problems.
  • REACH: provides advice to clients on the environmental risk associated with the production, use and disposal of chemicals and act as advisors to both government and industry.
  • Water use: efficiency, conservation and innovative technology.

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