The certification scheme is the first of its kind and helps manufacturers to independently test and certify their products against the BRE and DIMHN Informed Choices testing guide.

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What is ProMHS?

The scheme aims to help procurers and specifiers of products to select the most appropriate products to be used in various mental health and care facilities through a clear indication of the product’s achieved performance.

The scheme is applicable to the following products used within primarily high-risk areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets and other spaces or areas that are infrequently observed:

  • Doorsets and windows and their associated hardware
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Safety devices.


  • – Reduce the risk of harm with the latest science-driven safety practices.
  • – Help manufacturers save time and money with accurate and appropriate product-testing requirements.
  • – Assist procurement teams to better evaluate manufacturers’ trade literature.

As part of the scheme, each product undergoes rigorous testing in BRE’s test labs in accordance with testing guidance, and Factory Production Control audits are undertaken at the manufacturing site(s) to ensure quality control of the manufacturing process.

The independent testing conducted to support this Scheme may cover at least one of the following parameters:

Testing Guide part Description
Part One – Ligature Assessment of the Sensitivity of Products to be used as Ligature Anchor Points
Part Two – Robustness Assessment of Robustness
Part Three – Anti-Barricade Assessment of Additional Requirements for Doorsets, Hardware and Window Performance

The certification process (typically 2-4 months):

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