BRE is a scheme provider for the Approved Certifiers of Design (ACD) Schemes Energy for Domestic (housing) and Non Domestic (commercial) Buildings in Scotland.

Both Schemes are fully approved by the Building Standards Division of the Scottish Government.  The BRE Schemes allow members to determine compliance to the Mandatory Functional Standards of the Building (Scotland) Regulations, Section 6 Energy.  These websites explain the benefits of becoming an ACD scheme members, the application process, the available training and how Certifiers’ work benefits the environment by addressing climate change.

Approved Certifiers provide quality and high standards in building design and construction and by using an Approved Certifier building owners can be assured that they will meet their legal requirements of ensuring work done complies with the building regulations.

Benefits to the industry and building owners are:

  • Use of an Approved Certifier demonstrates and helps develop respect and trust between clients and building professionals.
  • Use of an Approved Certifier provides greater flexibility and more efficient design or installation due to their expert knowledge of new technology or the application of new regulations (e.g. Eurocodes, micro-renewables and energy standards).
  • Higher standard of work will help reduce the volume and cost of defective or incomplete work issues associated with warrantable work.
  • An Approved Certifier’s comprehensive knowledge reduces the risk of errors or omissions happening in the design or construction.
  • Scheme members are able to differentiate themselves from competitors and gain a commercial advantage over other firms.
  • Use of an Approved Certifier offers a higher level of protection to customers through the indemnity insurance cover held by Approved Bodies.

Download the BRE flyer summarising the benefits of ACD

Please feel free to pass potential clients a copy to help them understand how ACD adds value to their projects.

ACD Membership and Training
Please remember to contact the ACD Scheme for guidance on training requirements to join the appropriate scheme, this may save you time and money. You can find our scheme application forms here.

Approved Certification of Design Services
If you would like a quotation for Approved Certification of Design Services, please email [email protected] with your details or call 0141 4474999. The ACD Scheme will provide you with the contact details of the Certifier who manages your area. You can then obtain full details of the Certification of Design Services.

Potential funding
Skills Development Scotland offer funding for eligible candidates to train in Low Carbon skills.
Find out if you qualify by visiting the SDS web site before booking with BRE training. SDS Funding

Please consult the Scheme before you book training. It is important to obtain guidance that the course programme is suitable for your requirements.