Ethical labour sourcing.
Ensure you are not part of the slavery problem.

When the Modern Slavery Act came into force in October 2015, the issue of slavery in business and the construction industry was brought into sharp focus.

The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard, BES 6002, enables you to demonstrate to customers, partners and other stakeholders, your company’s commitment to eliminating any possibility of trafficking or modern slavery in your supply chain.

The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard provides a framework against which companies can examine and assess their own practices. They can then showcase their ethical sourcing credentials by gaining third-party Ethical Labour Sourcing verification from BRE Global, and setting agreed objectives to demonstrate continuous improvement.

Full details of the Ethical Labour Sourcing standard are on ELS – GreenBookLive.

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ELS online

Self-assess, register and present evidence for verification in one place.

This standard has been created to recognise those who wish to seek third party assurance of their responsible and ethical business practices and provide a maturity pathway to make improvements continuously.

This ELS Standard specifies the requirements for organisational management to demonstrate an on-going commitment to the principles of ethical labour sourcing as part of a holistic framework.

ELS online is the new accessible way to start using the ELS standard. The online platform is identical to the BRE Global ELS standard v2 giving companies of all sizes an opportunity to demonstrate continuous improvement on human rights due diligence.

This framework comprises criteria for evaluating the maturity of the performance of the organisation under 12 issues. The overall verification is not based on an aggregration of the levels of maturity in these issues, but is based on a commitment to improve through an agreed set of objectives.

Participation in the standard can be achieved through self certification or to a more robust level using third party verification.


Ethical labour sourcing: self-assessment and third party verification

  1. Create an ELS online account at
  2. Self assess against the Ethical Labour Standard (BES 6002) to create your own maturity profile and measure where you may have gaps and how you can improve your organisation.
  3. On completion of your self-assessment, BRE’s internal QA team can review your comments and uploaded content, and once satisfied issue you with a registration number. At this point your organisation will be listed with other companies that have completed a checked self-assessment.
  4. You then have the option to achieve the highest level of assurance by meeting the Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard. This entails third-party review of your assessment, a verification visit to your headquarters and the setting of your ethical labour sourcing objectives for continuous improvement. On achieving verification to BES 6002 the company will be listed in GreenBook.


APRES – Eight Pathways Launched to Combat Modern Slavery and Unethical Practices in Supply Chains

Produced by world-leading building science centre, BRE, and academic partner, Loughborough University, the Model presents eight pathways to best practice on the responsible and ethical sourcing of materials, products and people working in property and construction markets worldwide.

The APRES Eight Pathways Model (2017) is a call to action in response to the need for construction and property firms to evidence effective and appropriate policy provision, together with the professional and contractual ability to convert it into practice (along the full length of the supply chain).

Download the White Paper [PDF]

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