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Net zero construction reporting with SmartWaste


SmartWaste provides comprehensive carbon management solutions and in-depth reporting on your net zero targets.


Simplify your path to net zero carbon targets

Navigating net zero carbon targets in construction can be complex. But with SmartWaste you can monitor, measure, and manage every aspect of your project’s carbon footprint. We make it simple, from sourcing materials to disposing of waste.

Cut carbon emissions with SmartWaste

Streamline your construction processes and reduce carbon emissions with SmartWaste. Our software captures and analyses detailed data, helping you find high carbon hotspots and implement sustainable construction practices.

Real world success

Businesses are leveraging SmartWaste to establish baseline targets then implement and monitor net zero carbon reduction plans. Our case studies demonstrate the practical application of our carbon management solutions across a variety of construction projects, showcasing how you can achieve similar results.

Start your journey towards net zero with SmartWaste

Join the ranks of businesses achieving net zero carbon targets in their construction projects. With SmartWaste’s advanced carbon reporting features and sustainable construction practices, you can take significant strides towards a greener future.

Since deploying the platform software, Maylim has exceeded its targets and it will become a central tool to quantify Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and achieve the organisation’s net zero carbon aspirations.
– Maria Troy, Quality and Compliance Manager at Maylim

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Ready to kickstart your journey to net zero?

Watch our SmartWaste product demo video and discover how our solutions can transform your construction practices.