How does pricing work?

Paying for a  NABERS UK rating has two parts, the NABERS lodgement fee and the Assessor’s fee.

All  NABERS UK ratings are subject to lodgement fees, payable to BRE as the certification body. These are set fees regardless of your sector or size of building. You can find the lodgement fees in the table below.

To understand the full cost associated with a  NABERS UK rating, you also need to contact a NABERS accredited Assessor to get a quote for a site visit to verify the data for your building. Assessors will set individual fees based on their own costs and business practices.

Element Fee*
Design for Performance Agreement Registration £3,650
NABERS Energy Certificate Registration


£750 Year 1 then £500 onwards
NABERS Energy Certificate Registration


£350 Year 1 then £250 onwards
NABERS Energy Assessor Training £1,350
Assessor Annual License Fee £250
* all fees exclude VAT

Volume Pricing, Offers & Portfolios

  • A 5% Registration discount can be applied for 10+ assets

*Fees will be revised annually in line with the CPI.