Man looking at data on a tablet

Launching the Built Environment Carbon Database

Man looking at data on tablet

The built environment is responsible for around 38% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, which means the construction industry has a crucial role to play in addressing the climate emergency.

Reducing our impact on the environment starts with achieving consistency in how we report and measure emissions, and supporting those measurements with up-to-date and accessible data.

Unfortunately, although great strides have been made towards reducing the impact of the built environment, there remains disparity across the industry in how that reporting and measuring is actually conducted.

Developed in partnership BRE and other major organisations operating across every part of the construction sector, the Built Environment Carbon Database (BECD) is free-to-access and is designed to become the main source of carbon estimating and benchmarking for the industry.

But we need your help. The success of our collective efforts to combat climate change is dependent on collaboration across the industry. We need to share our knowledge and learning and, critically, we need to share our data.

Join us on Thursday 5th October as we launch BECD in a special webinar. You’ll hear from industry leaders about the development of BECD, how it works and, most importantly, how you can access and use it.

Learn more about the Built Environment Carbon Database.