HSBC uses HQM in major new build to rent deal

HSBC has backed Dandara Living to build 11 sustainable build to rent developments across the UK – with BRE’s Home Quality Mark assuring their sustainable status. The first two sites will be in Birmingham and Bristol, with more to come. Sustainability is central to Dandara’s approach and HSBC believes that HQM provides the assurance that homes will meet their ambitious targets.

Robert King, Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC UK, said: “Residential housing is a substantial contributor to UK carbon emissions. Providing housing with strong sustainability credentials is therefore critical to meeting the UK’s net zero goals. Supporting businesses such as Dandara in meeting their sustainability goals through the provision of innovative Sustainable Finance solutions is an important part of our commitment to help businesses thrive in the transition to net zero.”

BRE’s CEO Gillian Charlesworth welcomed this exciting collaboration, saying- “Creating sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings is central to the work that we do at BRE. By working with us to get the 11 developments certified under BRE’s Home Quality Mark, Dandara can ensure that future residents will enjoy comfortable, cost-effective and energy efficient homes. This kind of cross-industry collaboration is so important in achieving net zero and we look forward to seeing the HSBC and Dandara partnership bear fruit in the coming months and years.”