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BRE China Awards 2023 highlight pioneering sustainability initiatives

Jane Goddard stands at a podium laden with yellow and blue flowers, behind which a is BRE-branded background

The 2023 BRE China Awards recently concluded in Shanghai, celebrating exceptional contributions to sustainability through BREEAM. The annual event brought together a diverse group of industry leaders, fostering collaboration and recognising significant achievements for sustainability in China. It acknowledged those leading the way in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) whilst emphasising the pivotal role of sustainable finance in addressing global sustainability challenges like climate change, habitat loss and increasing levels of pollution.

Global collaboration for sustainable construction

In a era where sustainability is now a vital global responsibility, the 2023 BRE China Awards highlighted the importance of strengthening global cooperation in the construction industry. Jane Goddard, Director of Corporate Affairs at BRE Group, reiterated BRE’s firm commitment to the Chinese market and its dedication to leading green initiatives.

“In an era where environmental sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility, we recognise the vital role that green finance plays in addressing global challenges such as climate change, and we are dedicated to being at the forefront of this critical movement. Our commitment to the Chinese market remains unwavering, and we look forward to even greater accomplishments in the years to come.”

– Jane Goddard, Director of Corporate Affairs at BRE Group

Jane Goddard stands at a podium laden with yellow and blue flowers, behind which a is BRE-branded background
Jane Goddard, Director of Corporate Affairs at BRE

This purpose aligns with that of Chris Dunn, Deputy Director of Environment, Infrastructure and Transport team for the Department for International Trade in China who noted the importance of sustainable construction and the necessity of achieving net zero carbon objectives. The event showcased a variety of exceptional built environment projects, underlining the benefits of sharing experiences, technology, and best practices between the two nations.

Chris Dunn stands in front of a podium of blue and yellow flowers in front of a BRE-branded background
Chris Dunn, Deputy Director of Environment, Infrastructure and Transport team for the Department for International Trade in China

Collaborative efforts for a sustainable future

Wei Xu of the Chinese Academy of Building Research expressed their anticipation for ongoing collaboration with BRE to promote sustainable construction principles and practices in future projects.

The United Nations Development Programme recognised the joint efforts in sustainable urban and architectural fields and expressed its eagerness to enhance cooperation between China and the UK. The collaboration aims to assist China in achieving its dual-carbon objectives, which is a demonstration of the positive impact that partnerships can have in addressing global sustainability challenges.

Sustainable financing and green building

Sustainable financing and green building are closely linked, highlighting the significance of sustainability and environmental protection. Keynote speakers of the event discussed various aspects of this connection:

  • Farida Lasida Adji, East Asia Regional Lead of IFC Green Building Market Transformation Program, emphasised the benefits of green buildings in addressing climate and environmental challenges.
  • Helen Jia, China Representative of GRESB, highlighted the increasing focus on net zero goals by investors and the need for companies to show greater climate ambition to secure financing.
  • Fei Li, Deputy Director of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) China, discussed the transformation towards low carbon in the real estate industry and the impact of climate risks on organisations’ business strategies.

Celebrating BREEAM best practices in China

The awards ceremony also celebrated companies that have incorporated ESG into their business strategies, with BREEAM offering central guidance and support:

  • Gemdale Upview received the “BREEAM Residential Award” for its green performance record and innovative approach to residential design.
  • Guohua Financial Centre recived praise for its commitment to sustainable development, smart technology, and green health.
  • GLP Asset Service Platform (ASP) incorporated ESG principles into all stages of the asset lifecycle, promoting ESG standards in the logistics industry.
  • Hong Kong International Airport’s Three-Runway System project demonstrated the value of BREEAM Infrastructure assessments in achieving sustainable performance.
  • Bonski and China Resource received the “BREEAM Innovation Award” for their inventive green building practices.

Complete list of awardees:

Assessor company of the year: China Academy of Building Research

Assessor of the year: Shan Lin

BREEAM Residential award: UPVIEW

BREEAM Commercial award – Recreation: LUNENG Qiandaohu ClubMed Project

BREEAM Commercial award – Warehouse: IPW Zhejiang New Logistic Warehouse Project

BREEAM Commercial award – Leadership: Hang Lung Hangzhou Westlake 66

BREEAM Commercial award – Retail: Guohua Financial Center – Retail

BREEAM In-Use Commercial award: Shanghai Village

BREEAM In-Use Warehouse award: GLP Lanzhou Gonghanglv Park/ GLP Chengdu Xinjin Park

BREEAM RFO Pioneer award: Deloitte China

BREEAM Innovation award: Bonski/China Resource

Your BREEAM award: Midea No.9 Beijing Road

City pioneer in sustainable dwelling award: TIANJING RONGYUAN – YUE&HONG

BREEAM Volume award: Luneng Jinan Ling Xiu Cheng G3-2 Residential Project

Best performing entity: GLP

ESG leadership awards: Hang Lung Properties

ESG substantial impact awards (individual): Chris Li

BREEAM V7 and ongoing commitment to sustainability

The event concluded with an update on the upcoming BREEAM Version 7 (V7) launch, highlighting BREEAM’s continued desire to evolve to address future sustainability developments. BRE China also reaffirmed its dedication to research innovation and knowledge sharing in the field of green building and sustainable development, marking a significant step toward a lower-carbon and more sustainable future.

The 2023 BRE China Awards celebrated industry excellence whilst emphasising the importance of collaboration, sustainable finance, and innovative practices in advancing global sustainability goals. On a global scale,  BRE remains dedicated to fostering a sustainable future by partnering with industry leaders and supporting sustainable initiatives.

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