CCTV plays a key role in the fight against crime and terrorism in the UK, but CCTV operators often face heavy workloads and can suffer from ‘operator overload’.

To help alert operators to suspicious events being captured and displayed on their screens, the Government is encouraging the development of video analytics systems. These automatically highlight, in real time, events or sequences of interest for example unattended bags, suspiciously parked cars or other unusual activity.

Previously known as the i-LIDS Assessment Programme created by CPNI and CAST, this testing has evolved into the CPNI Video Analytics Assessment Programme. Although the existing i-LIDS datasets will continue to be used to assess video analytics systems, upon successful completion of an evaluation CPNI will permit the use of the CPNI trade mark and permitted form of words as opposed to CAST permitting the use of the i-LIDS logo.

BRE is the authorised test house for the Abandoned Baggage Detection, Parked Vehicle Detection and Doorway Surveillance Scenarios, in addition to evaluations against the Sterile Zone Monitoring Scenario.
To start the process of evaluating your video analytics system, please request an application pack by emailing [email protected]