LPCB approved products are put through rigorous testing programmes that evaluate their ability to both resist deliberate attacks and to operate reliably throughout their service lives.

Many other security products on the market look similar to approved products, but may not provide anywhere near the same level of protection.

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The extensive range of products covered by LPCB approval includes those providing:

  • Physical protection against forced entry – fences, screens, shutters and other barrier products.
  • Protection against ballistic attack – doors, shutters, windows and glazing.
  • Electronic protection – detection and surveillance equipment.
  • Cash and valuables protection – safes and automatic cash machines.
  • Asset protection – asset marking and computer protection equipment.

LPCB works closely with insurers, police, manufacturers and users to develop methods of assessing the performance and reliability of security products to ensure their fitness for purpose.

Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175 is one of the key security standards used by our LPCB team, but we also test to a number of British (BS), European (EN) and Publicly Available Standards (PAS), and are recognised by the US Department of State for forced entry testing to their standard for structural systems.