BRE provides unique energy advisory services to government and major public and private sector clients worldwide. These range from strategic and commercial support, and carbon and energy management programmes, to regulatory and policy guidance.

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Energy management


Our experts advise on all aspects of energy technology, design and management for buildings and building services, including renewable energy solutions. Our knowledge of building technology and networks for commercial, industrial and public organisations ensures that the solutions we offer are practical and provide the lowest whole-life costs.

Pushing the boundaries

We set sustainability performance targets that push beyond conventional design to deliver outstanding sustainable developments.

Tools and calculators

Our design tools and calculators help to shape sustainable policy making, development design, implementation and tracking at every project stage, from the detailed component level through to building and community design.

We customise our tools to the specific requirements of our clients, who include global banks, retailers, car manufacturers and major developers, governments and green building councils across the world.


We provide training in energy and environmental management and on managing energy related programmes.

Energy modelling

There is growing demand for modelling of the energy flows into and out of buildings.

Whether to solve a tricky design problem, demonstrate compliance with regulations, investigate poor performance or generate an Energy Performance Certificate, building energy modelling is an essential service for designers, owners and operators alike.

Our Building Energy Modelling team has extensive experience in operating a variety of energy modelling tools, and is adept at providing the optimum solutions – matching particular tasks to the most appropriate tool. We help our clients by providing specialist services which:

  • Assess alternative design and ventilation strategies
  • Diagnose overheating problems
  • Explore potential improvement options
  • Evaluate the implications of EPCs for new and existing buildings
  • Assess the energy performance of building portfolios.

Statement regarding energy efficiency labelling of boilers

Energy strategies for new developments

We help developers to meet planning requirements. Local, regional and national planning policies are placing an ever increasing emphasis on the need to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. Proposals for new developments must therefore clearly demonstrate how they will:

  • Minimise the demand for energy
  • Supply remaining energy requirements efficiently
  • Increase the use of renewable energy.

Policy requirements often result in the need for an energy strategy to be produced in order to explain how the concept of sustainable energy has been applied to a particular development. The energy strategy is usually supplied as a supporting document to the planning application.

BRE’s experts have extensive experience of producing energy strategies on behalf of developers. Whether for a small-scale project or a major mixed use development, our strategies are informed by detailed modelling work based on established and respected calculation methods such as SAP and SBEM.

Our understanding of the need to liaise closely with local stakeholders coupled with our technical knowledge of different technologies ensures a smoother path through the planning process.