Orms demonstrate client-centric approach through ISO 19650-2:2018 certification from BRE

Orms identified that achievement of ISO 19650-2:2018 certification was a way to reassure their clients about the quality of their work.

Orms show a commitment to quality with ISO 19650-2:2018 certification from BRE, a commitment to the latest international standard.

About Orms

Orms is a London based architectural practice. With expertise in both new builds and deep refurbishments, we work across the commercial, hospitality and education sectors. Orms create an architecture that seeks to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity. We bring meaningful solutions to urban life, creating modern structures of clarity, beauty, and rigour, delivering a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

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  • Improved performance in communication, collaboration and coordination
  • Orms stand out from their competition
  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to excellence to their clients


Orms, an award-winning architectural practice, seek to elevate the human experience through insight, collaboration, and design integrity. They are passionate leaders and aspire to lead by example but are keen to ensure a collaborative approach: listening to their clients, each other, and the individuals that live and work in their buildings. Orms have used 3D software and BIM workflows for their projects for many years, to deliver better value for their clients, but have more recently introduced a new Information Manager and clash detection services. Orms identified that achievement of ISO 19650-2:2018 certification was a way to reassure their clients about the quality of their work.

What was done

Orms made the decision to gain ISO 19650-2:2018 certification from BRE to confirm that their processes, documentation and quality assurance checks were to the highest standards. Key stakeholders within Orms dedicated time, resources and commitment in order to drive the certification process. This allowed Orms to transition from British Standards and PAS BIM standards to the recent international ISO 19650 series, aligning their processes and documentation with new nomenclature and revised workflows.

BRE worked closely with Orms throughout the certification process. An initial pre-assessment allowed BRE to undertake a detailed gap analysis of Orms’ BIM processes and identified areas for improvement. Once Orms had been able to address the findings, they submitted updated documentation for assessment. The final stage of the certification process saw BRE’s auditors review Orms’ work with projects such as One Newman Street, a mixed-use development in central London. Orms used BIM models throughout the design stages of the development, and data gathered was used during the building phase. On this occasion, Orms’ client, Great Portland Estates, specifically requested for BIM usage on the project.

Project outcome

Orms’ successfully completed the assessment process and achieved their ISO 19650-2:2018 certification from BRE in July 2021, as one of the first architectural practices to do so. Orms were impressed by the knowledge of the BRE auditors and are satisfied that BRE’s thorough auditing capabilities and well-established expertise within information management has subjected their processes and documentation to the most detailed review possible.

Successful completion of the BRE certification process has allowed Orms to fulfil their aim of ensuring that they are offering the highest quality of work to their clients.

Next steps

Orms is keen to demonstrate excellence and implementation of the latest standards, to provide the best possible offering to their clients. They see the adoption of ISO 19650-2:2018 certification from BRE as a step towards the provision of this offering. Moving forwards, Orms plan to build on the relationship with BRE and maintain certification on an ongoing basis.

The certification provides our clients with the assurance that Orms BIM standards and procedures, reviewed BIM models and documentation on live projects are in accordance with international standards. This also incorporated checks on our IT systems and our general ISO 9001 approved quality and information management procedures.

Anna Fiejtek, Architect/BIM Manager, Orms

BIM certification

Our scheme certifies an organisations’ capability to input into the Information Management process for the delivery phase of appointments (e.g. projects) and produce outputs from that process.

Certification helps the supply chain demonstrate conformance to ISO 19650-2:2018, accelerating innovation and collaboration of clients and project teams.

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