A man in high-vis gives two office workers advice in an office setting

BRE’s strategic advisory service provides route to improved sustainability for Blackbrook Capital

Blackbrook Capital’s commitment to a 100% ESG-optimised portfolio strengthened through pursuing BREEAM In-Use pre-assessments for new assets

A man in high-vis gives two office workers advice in an office setting

Client: Blackbrook Capital

Service: BREEAM In-Use (BIU) Pre-assessment including a desk-based evidence review, site visit, and solar PV study

Outcome: Advice to improve ESG credentials across three newly acquired sites (one in the UK and two in Denmark) and actions for three scenarios of improving asset performance

Senior Consultant: Tom Jennings

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Blackbrook Capital (‘Blackbrook’), a real estate investor that specialises in future-proof supply chain assets, wished to understand how three of their new European assets could improve their ESG credentials whilst delivering better outcomes for their business, their tenants and the environment.

As part of its in-depth analysis, Blackbrook commissioned BRE to undertake a systematic review of these assets against the BIU framework and make recommendations for improvement.

BRE undertook a series of site visits, along with desk-based evidence collection, to gather the required documentation for the BIU pre-assessment process at each site.
BRE produced a BIU pre-assessment report for each site, presenting key recommendations for interventions to improve sustainability and/or reduce operational expenditure.

These recommendations were separated into three scenarios based on ease of implementation, to allow the client to make the most informed decisions:

Scenario A

(achievable credits with little to no action)

Example actions included:

  • Installation of submeters for the majority of energy use, allowing Blackbrook to track energy use and pinpoint areas of success or that need improvement.
  • Additional accessibility features to maximise inclusivity for all potential building users.

Scenario B

(credits that were achievable with minimal time, cost and impact on tenants/operations)

Example actions included:

  • Conducting a flood risk assessment to confirm the long-term viability of assets for flood mitigation and protection.
  • Provide an outdoor space for building occupants to use during rest breaks.

Scenario C

(Credits that were achievable but potentially with material time, cost and impact on tenants/operations)

Example actions included:

  • Install a solar PV system on the usable roof space
  • Conduct a natural hazard risk assessment for the site and verify that there are no risks present.


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Benefits of BRE strategic advice

This pre-assessment has allowed Blackbrook;

  • to focus on opportunities for improving sustainability whilst also reducing operational expenditure incurred associated with the ownership of the asset (maintenance, energy, water etc.)
  • an opportunity for an inspection of asset facilities to understand where extra maintenance and/or improvement activities could be undertaken.
  • the ability to have a much smoother assessment process when the assets are officially certified under BIU in future. Blackbrook will know which credits and associated improvements/changes are required to reach a specific BIU certification rating at each asset.


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BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment methodology for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It recognizes and reflects the value in higher performing assets across the built environment lifecycle, from new construction, through performance in operation, to refurbishment.

BREEAM does this through third party certification of the assessment of an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance, using standards developed by BRE. This means BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments.

Learn more at https://bregroup.com/products/breeam/.

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