Did you know?

Up until early October 2021, to include recessed sockets in a lightweight Robust Details separating wall, the specification stated you would have to undertake complex build details, use a sacrificial wall, or surface mount. Surface mount is unattractive, and sacrificial walls remove saleable floor area, so neither solution is desirable.

Robust Details Limited have now published a benchmarking test for “putty pads” or other specialised or proprietary products. If a product then achieves the requirements, sockets using that product can be recessed into the wall linings, providing placement flexibility to the developer. Refer to the Robust Details Handbook.

Benefits of having your
products tested with BRE


1. Flexibility – Flexibility of socket placement.
2. Added market advantage – Only products that have been tested in accordance with the new test process can be included in Robust Details lightweight separating walls. The outcome of this test should indicate that the performance of the wall construction will not be reduced by more than a set figure (-1 dB) with the socket products installed.
3. Fast & accurate testing – Typically within three weeks of receiving test samples, reporting within one week of completing the testing.
4. UKAS accredited – BRE are UKAS accredited for sound insulation testing to BS EN ISO 10140-2:2021.

What is next:


1. Contact BRE Group Team to schedule a call to discuss requirements
2. Sign an agreement
3. Arrange to supply the samples and documentation
4. Receive a test report four weeks later

If you have a question Contact Us and one of our representatives will be in touch.