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Gillian Charlesworth CEO BRE | BRE Group

BRE comments on the UK’s Energy Bill

Today’s announcement from Grant Shapps, the Business and Energy Secretary, committing to the government’s Energy Bill is a major step forward in ensuring Britain’s energy security ...
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BRE’s research and expertise supports Defra’s indoor air quality report

BRE has provided technical content and expertise on indoor air quality (IAQ) for Defra’s indoor air quality report. People spend a substantial amount of their lives indoors (often 80 to ...
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How BREEAM can help organisations fulfil EU Taxonomy requirements

The BREEAM Guide to the EU Taxonomy and BREEAM, shows how the BREEAM suite of products can be used by stakeholders to save time in meeting the EU Taxonomy requirements ...

Poor housing costs the NHS £1.4bn a year

The BRE report ‘The Cost of Poor Housing in England’ quantifies the cost burden to the NHS that is caused by hazards in poor quality homes in England. Our findings reveal that 2.6 million homes in England, 11% of the country’s housing stock, are categorised as ‘poor quality’.

According to BRE’s analysis, more than half (£857 million) of this annual NHS treatment bill can be attributed to defects in homes which expose residents to excess cold, while the second biggest cost to the NHS comes from hazards which cause people to fall and injure themselves, often on staircases.

Download the report

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Predicting service life of timber structures

Timber structures and commodities are exposed to several mechanisms that limit their service life. The term service life refers to the duration until a limit state is reached, i.e. when the performance is no longer deemed acceptable.

MalSivapunniyan | BRE Group

Mal Sivapunniyan, Executive Director, Risk and Audit at dentsu group Inc, joins BRE Group’s Board of Non-Executive Directors

BRE is pleased to welcome Mal Sivapunniyan as one of its Non-Executive Directors on BRE Group’s Board. Mal is Executive Director of Risk and Audit at dentsu group Inc and
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BRE proud to have played major role in new English Housing Survey 2018-19 reports

BRE is proud to have played a major role in the development of the new English Housing Survey 2018-2019 reports. The English Housing Survey is a continuous national survey commissioned

BRE China celebrates two major milestones

BRE China has achieved two major building sustainability milestones in collaboration with the Chinese authorities. These include the successful completion of a crosswalk between BREEAM and Three Star, the Chinese
Valuetoolkit Pod | BRE Group

BRE welcomes the introduction of the Construction Innovation Hub’s new Value Toolkit

As members of the Construction Innovation Hub, BRE is delighted to support the roll-out of its new industry ‘Value Toolkit’ which will lay the groundwork for a transformation in the
BRE Group statement on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

BRE Group statement on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

As an organisation, BRE are following Government advice closely and taking all necessary precautions. The health and wellbeing of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have taken
BRE Group response to Future Homes Standard consultation

BRE Group response to Future Homes Standard consultation

In order to tackle our climate challenge, we must capitalise on consumers’ desire for more sustainable, safe, quality homes and a changing market where the financial sector are playing a
Aesthetics Architecture Clickdesign 480x320 | BRE Group

Aesthetics in architecture – how beauty and design are inspiring each other

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy concerning studies on the nature and expression of beauty or taste. The aesthetics of a building is one of the principal aspects considered in architecture. Changes in the appearance of materials can differ due to kinetics of the responses related to the material resistance as well as due to intensity of the degrading factors.

Quantum Featured | BRE Group

QUANTUM: Practical benefits experienced from use of new quality management tools

The QUANTUM project brought together three innovative tools new to the market to support various stages in the quality assurance journey, with the ultimate aim of reducing the performance gap between design intentions and use commonly experienced in buildings.
Quantum Featured | BRE Group

QUANTUM: Closing the Performance Gap in Building Services

The four-year EU-funded research project QUANTUM investigated how the performance gap in increasingly complex buildings can be reduced with a series of pragmatic tools and services. QUANTUM set out to

Frameworks to build a better Britain

Frameworks to build a better Britain is a BRE series of roundtables and interviews with planners, architects, policy-makers, and construction experts about the future of the built environment.

Read our latest roundtable discussion, hosted in Manchester on the question: How can Britain’s Built Environment Tackle Social Exclusion?

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