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How can lower carbon cements and concretes reduce embodied carbon in the built environment?

Higher building standards and renewable electricity generation are also leading to reductions in CO2 emissions from the day-to-day, operational energy used in buildings. However, construction industry stakeholders are increasingly focused ...
BREEAM Version 7 set to embrace new Biodiversity Net Gain legislation

BREEAM Version 7 set to embrace new Biodiversity Net Gain legislation

To preserve biodiversity of land that assets occupy, the UK government is making Biodiversity Net Gain mandatory for all England-based developers during 2024. Discover how BREEAM Version 7 will help ...
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BRE calls for reforms to EPCs to help decarbonise UK homes

Reforming Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to be net zero-ready will speed up the decarbonisation of the UK’s built environment, according to a new report published today by the Building Research ...

Poor housing costs the NHS £1.4bn a year

Our findings reveal that 2.6 million homes in England, 11% of the country’s housing stock, are categorised as ‘poor quality’.

According to BRE’s analysis, more than half (£857 million) of this annual NHS treatment bill can be attributed to defects in homes which expose residents to excess cold, while the second biggest cost to the NHS comes from hazards which cause people to fall and injure themselves, often on staircases.

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The cost of poor housing report from BRE

Frameworks to build a better Britain

Frameworks to build a better Britain is a BRE series of roundtables and interviews with planners, architects, policy-makers, and construction experts about the future of the built environment.

Read our latest roundtable discussion, hosted in Manchester on the question: How can Britain’s Built Environment Tackle Social Exclusion?

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