Project: Review and findings: A Review of Part B of the Building Regulations

Welcome to the review of Part B of the Building Regulations.
BRE was appointed by CLG (formerly ODPM) to support a review of Part B (Fire safety) of the Building Regulations.  CLG published their consultation paper in July 2005 and the consultation ended on 18 November in the same year.  Around 240 formal responses to the consultation were received, together with around 40 informal responses.  A summary of those responses has been published on the CLG website.

Details of the changes to Part B and the two new Approved Documents are now available on the CLG website. The changes are due to come into effect on 6 April 2007. Hard copies of these documents will also be available during January 2007.

Supporting Research

In support of the review a range of research projects were commissioned by DCLG. All the relevant research reports that are referred to in the consultation paper plus those that were commissioned following the consultation (marked with an *) are available from this web page.

BRE Project Reports

Communities and local government (formerly ODPM) Project Reports

      • BDAG – Operational Physiological Capabilities of Firefighters
      • BDAG – Physiological Assessment of Firefighting, Search and Rescue in the Built Environment
      • BDAG – Collection and Analysis of Human Behaviour Data
      • BDAG – Collection and Analysis of Emergency Services Data
      • BDAG – Firefighting in Under Ventilated Compartments
      • BDAG – Effect of Reduced Pressures on Performance of Firefighting Branches in Tall Buildings
      • BDAG – Hydraulic Calculation of Wet and Dry Risers, Hoses and Branches

Click here to access the above project reports on the Communities and local government website

Other Relevant Documents