Construction of new waterfront in Dundee gets Excellent CEEQUAL rating

Construction of new waterfront in Dundee gets Excellent CEEQUAL rating

Opened in February 2016, this construction project set a new standard in recycling. The strategy the team used was recognised by a CEEQUAL score of 81.6%.


Part of a wider scheme, this project - known as Contract 4 - saw improvements made to the waterfront in central Dundee. The CEEQUAL (now known as BREEAM Infrastructure) award of ‘Excellent’ recognises the exceptional performance on infrastructure, landscaping and planting works for a major new civic space.



The transformation of Dundee’s waterfront reached a major milestone at the end of February 2016 with the opening to the public of a new road and pavement network constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine.


The opening of the improved waterfront brought to a conclusion a series of three projects with a combined total value of £27.8 million undertaken by the company over four years as part of the a scheme.

This Contract 4 project involved a range of works within Slessor Gardens, the large avenue of open space created at the heart of the Central Waterfront area, extending from the Caird Hall complex towards the River Tay.


A variety of opportunities for local operatives and companies were provided, and achieved exceptional levels of recycling, with only 2 tonnes of inert waste sent to landfill from the more than 45,000 tonnes generated from the works.

Other Dundee City Council projects benefited from the recycling strategy, including the preparation of a platform for a new recycling centre, the infilling of Discovery Dock, and the formation of an access ramp to Seabraes Bridge.

Summary Sir Robert McAlpine


Sir Robert McAlpine
Kirsty Webster (Sir Robert McAlpine)
5, Dec 2015 | Dundee, Scotland
CEEQUAL rating:
Excellent (81.6%)

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