SmartWaste V11: paving the way to net zero carbon and sustainability in construction

SmartWaste V11: paving the way to net zero carbon and sustainability in construction

The construction industry faces the pressing challenge of aligning with net zero carbon. The latest version of SmartWaste continues to support this transition.

The construction industry, pivotal in shaping our built environment, faces the pressing challenge of aligning with net zero carbon and sustainability goals. The latest version of SmartWaste released last month continues to see SmartWaste evolve and innovate in its 25th anniversary year. Offering an innovative client led solution to some of the industry’s most pressing pain points as outlined in the UK government report “Promoting Net Zero Carbon and Sustainability in Construction Guidance Note” (September 2022).

Addressing construction industry pain points with SmartWaste V11

1. Net zero and sustainability integration: SmartWaste V11’s enhanced reporting capabilities, including updated carbon factors, align perfectly with the industry’s need for accurate carbon reduction plans and carbon reporting. This feature aids clients in really understanding and calculating their baseline performance, which is crucial to targeting their carbon performance, a critical step towards achieving net zero.

2. Supply chain decarbonisation: The new API enhancements, particularly the calls for material suppliers, facilitate better supply chain integration with the SmartWaste solution. This is crucial to understanding supply chain impacts and development of your decarbonisation strategy across both upstream and downstream scope 3 carbon emissions.

3. Waste and resource efficiency: The addition of new waste types along with the waste data log download feature and ability to export transactional waste data via the API into other external business intelligence and reporting systems directly addresses the industry’s focus on waste and resource efficiency, and the need for platform integration and a single source of truth. This ensures timely and precise waste reporting which contributes to better more informed decision making and a circular economy approach.

4. Data gathering and metrics: The customisable company dashboards and various reporting enhancements in SmartWaste V11 provide a richness of reporting to the data gathered in SmartWaste that really starts to tell a story. This is essential for the construction industry to monitor, evaluate, strategise and report on their net zero and waste management goals, all informed by a Science Based Targets approach (SBT)



SmartWaste V11 at BRE’s Science Park: A case study in sustainability

At BRE’s Science Park in Watford, SmartWaste V11 is being actively used to enhance sustainability reporting. The new company dashboard feature allows for a comprehensive visualisation of energy, water, and waste metrics, facilitating a more effective management of environmental impacts. This practical application demonstrates SmartWaste V11’s potential in aiding organisations to live up to their sustainability values and innovate in the built environment sector.

We use Smartwaste to upload our monthy raw data and instantly see our consumption over time with graphs for easy trend analysis. We use it to create monthly update reports for tracking the success of our waste and energy reduction projects.

Laura Church, Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality at BRE.

BRE science park
BRE science park

Benefits and solutions for the construction industry and beyond

1. Enhanced visual reporting: The customisable dashboards provide a clear visual representation of sustainability metrics, crucial for decision-making and strategy formulation.

2. Comprehensive data management: The integration of various data points, from waste management to carbon emissions, to responsible sourcing of materials, impacts on biodiversity and ecology, and social value ensures a holistic approach to management of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) issues.

3. Alignment with net zero strategies: SmartWaste V11’s features align with the industry’s net zero aspirations and environmental strategies, aiding in the practical implementation of these ambitious goals all informed by a Science Based Targets approach.

SmartWaste V11 is not just an important update, offering a strategic solution for the construction industry’s journey towards net zero targets. By addressing key pain points around carbon reporting, supply chain decarbonisation, and the circular economy, SmartWaste V11 positions itself as an indispensable tool in the industry’s sustainability toolkit. Its application at BRE’s Science Park exemplifies its practical benefits, showcasing how technology can drive meaningful change in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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