The Home Quality Mark (HQM) is the badge of a better home. It enables house builders to showcase the quality of their homes, and to distinguish them from other houses on the market.

HQM provides impartial information from independent experts on a new home’s quality. It clearly indicates to home buyers and renters the overall expected costs, health and wellbeing benefits, and environmental footprint associated with living in the home. In short, HQM helps everyone to fully understand the quality, performance and attributes of a new-build home.

HQM has two elements, a five-star rating system that gives the overall picture of a home’s quality, and a set of indicators on individual aspects of its performance – such as build quality, running costs and health benefits.

Visit the Home Quality Mark website

Visit the Home Quality Mark website

To find out how HQM can help you stand out in the market visit the Home Quality Mark website

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HQM for house builders

HQM is a measure of quality that your customers can trust.

Many house builders are constructing high quality homes, but lack the quality measurements to persuade customers of the benefits.

HQM provides the tools you need to demonstrate the quality and added benefits of you new homes – such as being likely to need less maintenance, being cheaper to run, better located, and more able to cope with the demands of a changing climate.

HQM for home buyers and renters

Consumers usually get plenty of information on the white goods, phones, cars and insurance, etc that they are thinking of buying, but often far less when choosing a new home to buy or rent despite the much greater costs involved.

HQM is an independent quality mark that you can trust to give you impartial information on a new home’s design, construction quality and running costs.

HQM assessor training

To gain an HQM rating a new home must be assessed by one of a network of independent, licensed assessors. Training courses to become an HQM assessor are available from the BRE Academy.