E18 Rugtvedt D√łrdal | CEEQUAL

E18 Rugtvedt ‚Äď D√łrdal

The project is a 16.5km four-lane motorway in Telemark, Norway with a 110 km/hour speed limit. The state-owned company, Nye Veier AS, overtook the responsibility to build the project in 2016. The project includes the construction of two major intersections with crossover bridges, nine four-lane bridges, two wildlife crossing constructions, and several minor constructions.

Lahti Southern Ring Road (Vt12), VALTARI alliance

This project, undertaken by the VALTARI alliance, involves the construction of a 4.5km southern ring road, bypassing the center of the city of Lahti, Finland. Due to the importance of trunk road Vt12, these improvement works have a major impact on export and import opportunities in Finland as a whole.

Stockholm Extended Metro Arenastaden Plattform | CEEQUAL

Stockholm Extended Metro ‚Äď Arenastaden

The extension of the Stockholm Metro is vital to make Stockholm a vibrant and accessible city with a sustainable public transportation network. The Arenastaden project includes the extension of the Metro from Odenplan to Arenastaden in Solna.

Stockholm Extended Metro: Nacka/Södermalm/Söderort

The Stockholm Metro extension is a sustainable transport project that expands the public transport opportunities within the region. The project increases the resilience of the region’s transport system by relieving the existing system and offering new itineraries.

Mosj√łen Harbor Remediation | CEEQUAL

Mosj√łen Harbor Remediation

Mosj√łen Harbor Remediation includes dredging of contaminated sediment and placement of this sediment in steel sheetpile cells (CDF) for an extension to an existing wharf.


Bornsjön is a water conservation area and Stockholm Water and waste reservoir. The main objective of the project was to secure Bornsjön as a reserve water area for the future by addressing the internal phosphorus load in the lake.

Flens Framtida Vattenförsörjning | CEEQUAL

Flens Framtida Vattenförsörjning

The ‚ÄėFlens framtida vattenf√∂rs√∂rjning‚Äô project aims to secure the future water demand and quality in Flen, Sweden. WSP was contracted for the design of a new 20 kilometre pipeline to transfer water from a nearby municipality to solve the water quality issues that currently affect the area.

E16 Bagn-Bj√łrgo, Norway

E16 Bagn‚ÄďBj√łrgo is an 11.1 km stretch of the main road between Norway‚Äôs capitol Oslo and the second largest city, Bergen. The project will significantly improve the safety of travellers compared to driving conditions on the old road.

Storåselva Kraftverk | CEEQUAL

Storåselva Kraftverk

Stor√•selva power plant is a new compact hydropower project outside Sn√•sa in Tr√łndelag. Before the startup of the construction works, it was decided to go for a CEEQUAL Construction Award.