Science and technology roundup from around the web

Dutch SolaRoad performs better than anticipated 6 months into its pilot phase the SolaRoad, consisting of 70 metres of photovoltaic cycle path has generated over 3,000 kWh. New understanding of granular dynamics helps build stronger foundations Chinese and German researchers apply hydrodynamics to granular materials such as sand, grains, rock, salt and sugar to increase … Continue reading “Science and technology roundup from around the web”

Tune your windows to suit your mood

Switchable smart glass has been around for a while, however the University of Cincinnati, in partnership with Hewlett Packard and Merck Research Labs have developed tuneable window technology. The patent-pending technology enables occupants to change the brightness, colour and opacity of the windows.  The researchers claim this is a low cost solution that can eventually … Continue reading “Tune your windows to suit your mood”