BRE solar on commercial roofs guide to launch at the Solar PV Summit

Solar on commercial roofs has always lagged behind the domestic rooftop market. Currently, less than 5% of UK solar installations are on commercial roofs, compared to approximately 94% of systems installed on homes[1].  Commercial properties have large, generally unused roofs, and account for about 8% of the UK’s energy consumption[2]. Installing solar can make sound … Continue reading “BRE solar on commercial roofs guide to launch at the Solar PV Summit”

Embracing New Markets – BREEAM in Iran

On January 16th 2016, the UN, EU and US nuclear sanctions on Iran were lifted following a framework agreement for a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear programme.

Householders are wanted for greener mortgages research

Householders are needed to help with green mortgage research that will create more accurate information on energy costs and affordability feeding into the mortgage lending process. The survey gathers key information anonymously on homes, their energy ratings and their actual energy bills, allowing lenders to acknowledge that smaller fuel costs could permit more to be borrowed on the mortgage, encourage buyers … Continue reading “Householders are wanted for greener mortgages research”

Making energy a way of life

Wales can become a low carbon society, but we have to embed the idea of energy efficiency into our institutional processes Although it often feels too big and too remote from our daily lives, we all need to be engaged in the efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change – the “stopping” climate change … Continue reading “Making energy a way of life”

A straight forward approach to Energy management and building controls

Building controls, whether stand-alone units or full building energy management systems (BEMS), are designed to provide a comfortable climate for building occupants while consuming the lowest possible amount of energy. Controls can be used to manage heating, cooling, air-conditioning and lighting systems, blinds, fire and security systems and lifts. They can also be used to … Continue reading “A straight forward approach to Energy management and building controls”

Driving safety and performance for photovoltaic systems

We caught up with Steve Pester, Principal Consultant from the BRE National Solar Centre to find out how work funded by the BRE Trust is helping improve safety and performance of photovoltaic systems. The research found that minor components installed incorrectly can lead to poor performance and safety issues in photovoltaic systems.  This was then … Continue reading “Driving safety and performance for photovoltaic systems”

BREEAM award winners

It’s always a great time of year, when the award winners are announced at EcoBuild.