Heat metering

Heating accounts for nearly half of final energy consumption in the UK (48% in 2013) and 78% of non-transport energy use (DECC, 2013). Heat is a utility, like water, gas, and electricity.¬† Communal or district heating systems are becoming more common and these involve the centralised generation of heat and the distribution of this heat … Continue reading “Heat metering”

BRE supporting strategic heating plans for local & national authorities

BRE co-funds Stratego project which introduces integrated approach across Europe while providing local and national authorities with actionable heating strategies and plans BRE‚Äôs strategic energy team, together with the Scottish Government, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Euroheat & Power and twelve other European partners, have been scrutinising a new integrated approach to the … Continue reading “BRE supporting strategic heating plans for local & national authorities”

Solar assurance the BRE way

Next week at the Solar PV Summit, BRE will be launching a certification scheme for large scale solar – an area of the UK solar market that is not currently regulated for installation quality. The certification scheme will provide an ongoing impartial assessment of solar PV installations above 50kW. The purpose of the scheme is … Continue reading “Solar assurance the BRE way”

BRE solar on commercial roofs guide to launch at the Solar PV Summit

Solar on commercial roofs has always lagged behind the domestic rooftop market. Currently, less than 5% of UK solar installations are on commercial roofs, compared to approximately 94% of systems installed on homes[1].¬† Commercial properties have large, generally unused roofs, and account for about 8% of the UK‚Äôs energy consumption[2]. Installing solar can make sound … Continue reading “BRE solar on commercial roofs guide to launch at the Solar PV Summit”

Householders are wanted for greener mortgages research

Householders are needed to help with¬†green mortgage research¬†that will¬†create more accurate information on energy costs and affordability feeding into the mortgage lending process. The¬†survey¬†gathers key information anonymously on homes, their energy ratings and their actual energy bills,¬†allowing lenders to acknowledge that smaller fuel costs could permit more to be borrowed on the mortgage, encourage buyers … Continue reading “Householders are wanted for greener mortgages research”

Boosting ecology in BREEAM

A rich ecology can enhance our communities and improve the health and wellbeing of building users.

Making energy a way of life

Wales can become a low carbon society, but we have to embed the idea of energy efficiency into our institutional processes Although it often feels too big and too remote from our daily lives, we all need to be engaged in the efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change – the ‚Äústopping‚ÄĚ climate change … Continue reading “Making energy a way of life”

Make Buildings Better – Ideas competition

Designing Buildings Wiki and BSRIA have launched a ‚ÄėMake Buildings Better‚Äô competition, looking for fresh, innovative ideas to improve the performance of buildings in use. It’s very quick to enter, they want short answers, not long essays. The winner will receive ¬£500 worth of BSRIA membership, training or publications, and along with 4 runners-up, will … Continue reading “Make Buildings Better – Ideas competition”