The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation

The health and wellbeing of building occupants is a hot topic. It has been acknowledged that buildings have a direct impact on human wellbeing and happiness, something that is compounded by the large amount of time we spend indoors. With this growing interest has come a move to understand biophilia and its potential to improve … Continue reading “The healthy relationship of Biophilic Design and Post-occupancy evaluation”

Fires In Enclosed Car Parks

A project for Communities and Local Government Sustainable Buildings Division Fires in car parks are fortunately quite rare, but, although there have been few deaths or injuries recorded to date in the UK, there are concerns regarding new and emerging risks from modern cars and alternative fuels. It is essential that the Building Regulations (via Approved … Continue reading “Fires In Enclosed Car Parks”

Wireless Sensors in Conditioned Based Asset Management

The rate of development of information and communications technology (ICT), sensor technology and data processing systems is creating major opportunities for the development of new services and solutions in a wide range of industrial sectors.  In particular it provides the opportunity to significantly improve our understanding of the condition of built environment, and in particular … Continue reading “Wireless Sensors in Conditioned Based Asset Management”

Circular Building Assessment Prototype

A BIM based solution for Resource Productivity – Development, Validation and Trial This article summarises the ongoing technical developments of a user friendly and pragmatic tool for assessing circularity in buildings with varying levels of data and design stage. BAMB Circular Building Assessment, referred as CBA, is a methodology that compares and assesses product and … Continue reading “Circular Building Assessment Prototype”