Royal Charter International Research Award

The BRE Trust, in collaboration with the Worshipful Company of Constructors, would like to invite applicants for the Royal Charter International Research Award. We are seeking exceptional individuals from across the built environment sector to undertake an innovative, topical study relating to the theme – digital built environment. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: … Continue reading “Royal Charter International Research Award”

BRE Trust reports on latest built environment research

BRE Trust has published its annual review of some of the latest built environment research. Available online, the report outlines research projects and activities across areas ranging from infrastructure sustainability and resilience to occupant welleing and energy. Projects The BRE Trust Review includes summaries of completed projects and their results including the three-year Future Cities … Continue reading “BRE Trust reports on latest built environment research”

Route map for low carbon concrete

Approximately 5% of the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by humans currently arise from cement production. As a consequence, there is commercial interest in developing low-carbon cements and related binders suitable for use ‘at scale’ in concrete production. One variety of these is known as ‘alkali-activated binders’ or ‘AA binders’. Alkali-activated binders and concretes … Continue reading “Route map for low carbon concrete”

From hollow rock to LEDs

The first lamp was invented around 70,000 BC. A hollow rock, shell or other natural object was filled with moss or similar material that was soaked with animal fat and ignited. Jump a few thousand years, long before Thomas Edison patented his incandescent light bulb, British inventors were demonstrating that electric light was possible with … Continue reading “From hollow rock to LEDs”

Guidance to help combat the challenges of overheating in dwellings

Overheating is becoming commonplace in certain types of UK homes.  Trends towards increased urbanisation, combined with the potential effects of climate change and global warming could mean more homes will suffer from overheating and exacerbate the problem for those that already overheat. The guidance and the associated assessment protocol were produced by BRE, in collaboration … Continue reading “Guidance to help combat the challenges of overheating in dwellings”

BRE Trust seeks new Trustees

The BRE Trust, the largest UK charity dedicated specifically to research and education in the built environment is seeking new Trustees to help shape the future of the built environment. Set up in 2002 to advance knowledge, innovation and communication for public benefit, The Trust uses all profits made by the BRE Group to fund … Continue reading “BRE Trust seeks new Trustees”

The full cost of poor housing

Research from BRE reveals the £18.6 billion cost of leaving England’s housing homes unimproved. Although we’ve largely eradicated the diseases associated with the slums of the Victorian era in developed countries like England, there remain a significant number of health and safety hazards in the home.  This is compounded by the fact that the UK … Continue reading “The full cost of poor housing”