Specifying Innovative & Sustainable Systems

Collaboration was the order of the day at the Constructing Excellence Sustainability Theme Group Meeting on Specifying Innovative and Sustainable Systems.  The workshop, delivered in partnership with the Innovation Gateway and hosted at the BRE Innovation Park, looked at how innovative solutions move from concept to widespread implementation and use within the built environment.  With … Continue reading “Specifying Innovative & Sustainable Systems”

Generation rent vs generation mortgage? There might be a solution…

A recent report from UBS Wealth Management’s “Bubble index” looking at the state of the property markets has found that London has the second most over-valued property market of any major city around the world. At the same time, official figures from the Office for National Statistics tell us that the average wage in the UK is £28,105 annually. If we were … Continue reading “Generation rent vs generation mortgage? There might be a solution…”