Week 2: Alive and Kicking!

Greetings, Mathieu reporting! This week has been an interesting one so far, I met another few people, and thankfully the sun is finally out! Perhaps a bit too much, there is unfortunately no way to escape the heat. Even the fans cannot help us withstand such temperatures. Terrible, isn’t it? But you know, as the … Continue reading “Week 2: Alive and Kicking!”

First week overview

Hello again!   I am presently on the last day of my first week, and well, time flies! All happens so quickly, I met a lot of great people, I had the chance to see very interesting projects and give my opinion on them. Long story short, everything goes well, and I get to do … Continue reading “First week overview”

Study a University of Hertfordshire part time BA (Hons) Construction Management

This programme aims to provide the education and skills to enable employers to develop a suitably qualified workforce of construction site managers. Students will also be provided with a Professional Mentor to support them in the process of applying for CIOB professional recognition (with the CIOB e portfolio). The programme has been developed in close … Continue reading “Study a University of Hertfordshire part time BA (Hons) Construction Management”

BRE: First impressions

Hi, I am Mathieu, a newly arrived BRE intern, coming straight from France!   I will be blogging quite a bit during my five weeks long internship, to share my impressions with you all! I arrived on Monday the 11th, and my supervisor, Orivaldo, showed me around the buildings and Innovation Park. How surprising! I don’t … Continue reading “BRE: First impressions”

Get involved – built environment women’s network event this September

Did you know that just 14% of the construction workforce is female according to the CIC diversity report, ‘A Blueprint for Change’? These findings are also supported by the recent BRE Academy Skills Gap survey, which reported a lack of gender diversity at all levels across the construction industry with 62% saying we need to … Continue reading “Get involved – built environment women’s network event this September”

Materials for 3D Printing Using Drones – PhD Opportunity

This exciting PhD studentship will develop materials specifically for 3D printing civil engineering structures using autonomous drones.  Based at the University of Bath the candidate will form part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Imperial College London and University College London contributing to the objectives of the EPSRC Autonomous manufacturing grant ‘Aerial Additive Building … Continue reading “Materials for 3D Printing Using Drones – PhD Opportunity”

Success for the BRE Apprenticeship scheme

In October 2014 Aaron Glazebrook joined the BRE’s apprenticeship scheme. This week he has become the first on our scheme to complete the Administration Apprenticeship and he has achieved this four months early. He completed his apprenticeship whilst working in the BRE Academy e-learning team. We caught up with him to find out how he has found it. Aaron, why did you … Continue reading “Success for the BRE Apprenticeship scheme”