SME Energy Efficiency

The aim of the site is to help Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings in order to save money on energy bills and improve the comfort of the occupants. 

The site provides guidance on ways to fund and procure energy efficiency improvements as well as information on how to find suppliers and contractors. The information on the website is relevant to all SME businesses and building types. 

BRE has developed a bespoke energy assessment tool to identify the most appropriate improvements for non-domestic buildings. Currently the tool is only able to model hotels and bed and breakfast establishments, however, BRE are continuing to develop the model to include more building types in the near future including offices, retail and hospitality buildings.  

A website and energy assessment tool has also been created for care homes. Click here to visit the care home website. 

The development of this website was funded by the Government department for Business Environment and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). BRE is an entirely independent organisation part of the BRE Trust charity, all the profits we make from our services go to fund new research and education programmes

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Step 1
Complete BRE Energy Efficiency Tool

Complete BRE energy efficiency tool

Step 2
Building Improvement Measure

Select appropriate building improvement measure

Step 3
Find Funding

Find funding

Step 4
Find trusted installers and suppliers

Find trusted installers and suppliers

Step 5
Procure Work

Procure work

Step 6
Complete Building Improvements

Complete building improvements

Step 7
Save Money Energy Carbon

Save money, energy, and carbon

Description of the features

Energy efficiency assessment tool

Find out which are the most effective energy efficiency improvements you could make to YOUR building and the costs and benefits of these upgrades.


Find out about national and local finance initiatives and funding options available to assist with upgrading your building.


Find out information on commissioning and purchasing energy efficiency upgrades.

Suppliers and Products

Find advice and information to ensure you get the best professional advice, products and installers.

Energy efficiency standards

Find the latest information on energy efficiency standards, building regulations and planning.

Why improving the Energy Efficiency of the building is important?

  • Reduce your energy costs and enable you to make continued year on year financial savings.
  • Improve the comfort of your building for staff and visitors.
  • Help tackle climate change and reduce greenhouse gases.


We are keen to ensure this new website and energy tool provides you with useful and easy to follow information.

We would therefore greatly appreciate any feedback you have regarding things you think could be improved as well as things you like about the website.