Post-tensioning kits, used in new construction, repair and strengthening of existing structures, are primarily found in concrete structures, but can be used with other structural material such as steel masonry and timber.

Our services are far-reaching, as is evidenced from the diverse range of services adopted in different infrastructure projects. From Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), concrete analysis, CEEQUAL, through to construction products certification, including ETAG 013 for CE marking of post-tensioning kits.

The applications are varied:

  • Bridges (superstructures, piers, abutments, foundations)
  • Buildings (floors, foundations, core walls, walls, lateral load resisting frames)
  • Reservoirs (walls, floors, roofs)
  • Silos (walls)
  • Nuclear containment structures
  • – Offshore structures (all parts)
  • – Barges and floating platforms (all parts)
  • – Retaining walls
  • – Dams
  • – Tunnels (longitudinal and transverse/hoop tendons)
  • – Large diameter pipe
  • – Pavements and roads

ETAGs – offering a competitive advantage worldwide

European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAGs) were established by the European Organisation of Technical Approvals under the Construction Products Directive. Mandatory for European construction projects, ETAG 013 demonstrates post-tensioning kits are compliant with a robust standard. The CE Mark is proving a competitive advantage in foreign markets even though it’s not a legal requirement – as shown in the Acre Work case study below.

BRE issue ETAs

BRE Global is a UKAS accredited certification body, No.0007 and a Technical Assessment Body as designated by the DCLG under the Construction Products Regulation. This enables us to conduct the work against ETAG 013 and harmonised European Standards. We can develop new European Technical Assessments for manufacturers. Additionally, we can undertake the annual Factory Production Control, certification & audit testing of existing ETAs.

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