Responsible Sourcing League Tables

The Framework for Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products, BES 6001, has certified products from over 60 companies so far and has coverage in the following countries: Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine and the UK.

League Tables

The following tables show all current BES 6001 certificates, by construction product category, and the rating achieved by each company.

  1. Latest Responsible Sourcing certificates issued by BRE
  2. Latest Responsible Sourcing certificates issued by all licensees
  3. First 3 Responsible Sourcing certificates ever issued by BRE
  4. First 3 Responsible Sourcing certificates ever issued by all licensees

  1. Aluminium Products
  2. Aggregates
  3. Asphalt
  4. Blocks
  5. Bricks
  6. Cement
  7. Cementitious
  8. Clay
  9. Concrete Products
  10. Drainage
  11. Flooring
  12. Fly Ash
  13. Glass
  14. Grouts
  15. Insulation & Insulation Products
  16. Lime
  17. Lintels
  18. Mechanical & Electrical Items
  19. Mortars
  20. Paint Products
  21. Paving Products
  22. Plasterboard
  23. PVC Profiles
  24. Radiators
  25. Rebar
  26. Reinforcement
  27. Roofing Products
  28. Sand
  29. Steel Products
  30. Stone
  31. Walling Products



Latest Responsible Sourcing certificates issued by BRE

CompanyCertificateIssue Date
ArcelorMittal Construction Belgium NVRS005802/12/2021
Newton Waterproofing SystemsRS005714/12/2020
Epwin GroupRS005630/11/2020
Saint-Gobain Construction Products
Belgium N.V.
Creagh Concrete Products LtdRS001025/09/2019
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints UKRS003113/09/2019
Saint-Gobain Construction Products (Ireland)RS003313/09/2019
Techrete LtdRS001310/05/2019
Explore Manufacturing LtdRS000906/02/2019
Polyfoam XPS LtdRS004311/12/2018
Severfield plcRS000706/12/2018
Senior Architectural Systems (SAS)RS005422/11/2018
Romakowski GmbH & Co. KGRS005306/11/2018
Celsa Steel (UK) LtdRS000604/10/2018
Saint Gobain Construction Products HingaryRS005204/09/2018
Paroc Group OyRS002516/08/2018
Compania Espanola de Laminacion S.L.RS002607/08/2018
Polypipe Terrain LtdRS002427/04/2018
Al Wataniya Concrete LLCRS005116/04/2018
Marshalls plcRS000808/03/2018
William Hare LtdRS001204/01/2018
Bourne Construction Engineering LtdRS002314/12/2017
Polyflor LtdRS002205/09/2017
Byrne Bros. (Formwork) LtdRS000505/09/2017
Knauf Insulation LtdRS005010/08/2017
Holcim (Romania) S.A.RS001920/06/2017
Holcim (Romania) S.A.RS002020/06/2017
Holcim (Romania) S.A.RS002120/06/2017
Steel Formed Sections LtdRS004925/05/2017
CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A.RS004816/05/2017
Stevin Rock LLCRS004708/05/2017
Kingspan Insulated PanelsRS004606/03/2017
Objectflor Art und Design Belags GmbHRS004516/02/2017
Polyflor LtdRS004416/02/2017
Saint Gobain Construction products CZ a.s.RS004212/12/2016
Byldis prefab b.v.RS004014/11/2016
Parkside GroupRS004103/11/2016
Xtratherm LtdRS003913/09/2016
Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.RS003801/09/2016
Kingspan Insulation LtdRS003715/07/2016
Quattro (UK) LtdRS003529/06/2016
Saint Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp z o.o. RS003426/06/2016
Daikin Europe B.V.RS003204/03/2016
ArcelorMittal Europe - Long ProductsRS003015/12/2015

Latest Responsible Sourcing certificates issued by all licensees

CompanyCertificateIssue DateLicensee
JORIS IDE n.v.ERMJI001002/06/2022ERM
Thames Materials LtdBES75299105/08/2022BSI
Celsa Steel (UK) LtdERMCU001113/06/2022ERM
Thorp Precast LtdBES75162901/02/2022BSI
NUDURA INCINTRS002102/02/2022Intertek
Peiner Trager GmbH INTRS002024/01/2022Intertek
ArcelorMittal Construction Belgium NVRS005802/12/2021BRE
Bituchem Group Ltd BES72452624/11/2021BSI
Bauer Technologies Ltd BES73249602/11/2021BSI
Polypipe Civils Ltd BES74134613/10/2021BSI
F P McCann Ltd BES74068208/09/2021BSI
Kingspan Oy INTRS001902/09/2021Intertek
Kingspan Oy, Paroc Panel System INTRS001813/08/2021Intertek
Liberty Steel Dalzell Ltd BES74423704/08/2021BSI
Whitemountain Ltd CPRS0006001/07/2021CPC
O.C.O Technology Ltd CPRS0005923/06/2021CPC
Al Ittefaw Steel Products Company 176319/05/2021CARES
Anglian Windows Ltd BES72281518/05/2021BSI
Acheson & Glover Ltd BES74090222/04/2021BSI
Total Construction Supplies Limited (SiteA) 175413/04/2021CARES
AG der Dillinger Huttenwerke BES73354122/02/2021BSI
Thames Reinforcements Ltd 175021/02/2021CARES
Kingspan GmbH INTRS001618/01/2021Intertek
Lemon Groundwork solutions Ltd 174408/01/2021CARES
Kaptan Demir Celik Endustrisi Ve Ticaret A.S 167905/01/2021CARES
Tegral Building Products Ltd CPRS0005201/01/2021QSRMC
William Hare UAE LLC INTRS001515/12/2020Intertek
Newton Waterproofing Systems RS005714/12/2020BRE
Liberty Steel, Rotherham Steel and Bar 173908/12/2020CARES
Epwin Group RS005630/11/2020BRE
Saint-Gobain Construction Products
Belgium N.V.
Spartan UK Ltd BES72714113/11/2020BSI
Delft Profielen B.V 174011/11/2020CARES
Kingspan Insulated Panels INTRS001422/10/2020Intertek
British Steel  BES72905713/08/2020BSI
Capital Concrete Ltd CPRS00058  01/01/2020 QSRMC
ASD Ltd t/a Kloeckner Metals UK BES711846  27/11/2019 BSI 
STRABAG SRL INTRS0001322/11/2019Intertek
Qatar Steel Company FZE 168830/09/2019CARES
Creagh Concrete Products Ltd RS001025/09/2019BRE
Aspecta BVINTRS001124/09/2019Intertek
Aspecta BVINTRS001224/09/2019Intertek
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints UK RS003113/09/2019BRE
Saint-Gobain Construction Products Ltd RS003313/09/2019BRE
BRUCHA Gesellschaft m.b.h. BES70942231/07/2019BSI
ModernMix Limited 2474015/07/2019Lucideon
Mick George Concrete Ltd BES65159306/07/2019BSI
BRC LtdINTRS000605/07/2019Intertek
Rockrite Haulage Limited BES65068830/06/2019BSI
FALK Bouwsystemen BV 166814/06/2019CARES
Celsa Steel (UK) Ltd INTRS000814/06/2019Intertek
Hyrdo Building Systems UK Limited BES70716113/06/2019BSI
JORIS IDE n.v. INTRS000703/06/2019Intertek
ROM Group Ltd INTRS000514/05/2019 Intertek 
Techrete Ltd RS001310/05/2019BRE
Express Reinforcement Ltd  INTRS000418/04/2019Intertek
Hamriyah Steel FZC 166211/03/2019CARES
Total Construction Supplies Ltd (Neachells) 165211/03/2019CARES
Open Joint-Stock Company Byelorussian Steel Works 165425/02/2019CARES
Hadley Industries Holdings t/a Ultrasteel Products Ltd BES63945817/02/2019BSI
Barrett Steel Ltd BES69382915/02/2019BSI
S Morris Ltd BES69828715/02/2019BSI
Explore Manufacturing Ltd RS000906/02/2019BRE
IKO plc2470312/01/2019Lucideon
IKO plc2471012/01/2019Lucideon
IKO plc2472912/01/2019Lucideon
Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd CPRS0000101/01/2019QSRMC
Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd CPRS0000201/01/2019QSRMC
Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd CPRS0002101/01/2019QSRMC
Hanson Cement CPRS0002801/01/2019QSRMC
Hanson Cement CPRS0003501/01/2019QSRMC
CPI Mortars Ltd CPRS0003801/01/2019QSRMC
Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd BES66565101/01/2019BSI
Rackham Housefloors Ltd CPRS0005401/01/2019QSRMC
Midland Quarry Products Ltd CPRS0005501/01/2019QSRMC
Forterra Building Products Ltd CPRS0005701/01/2019QSRMC
Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) Ltd BES66563401/01/2019BSI
Polyfoam XPS Ltd RS004311/12/2018BRE
Severfield plc RS000706/12/2018BRE
Guardian Industries UK Ltd BES63091710/12/2018BSI
Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) RS005422/11/2018BRE
Irish Cement Ltd CPRS0002610/11/2018QSRMC
Roe Bros & Co Ltd (Peterborough) 164407/12/2018CARES
Hanson Cement CPRS0005306/12/2018CPC
Romakowski GmbH & Co. KG RS005306/11/2018BRE
Hy-Ten LtdECR000524/10/2018BRE
Michelmersh Brick Holdings plc CPRS0004710/10/2018QSRMC
Celsa Steel UK Ltd RS000604/10/2018BRE
Celsa Steel UK Ltd ECR000304/10/2018BRE
Etex Building Performance Ltd CPRS0002701/10/2018QSRMC
Saint Gobain Construction Products Hungary RS005224/09/2018BRE
Paroc Group Oy RS002516/08/2018BRE
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (Fabrication) (Sheffield) 160308/08/2018CARES
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (ASR Rod Mill) (Sheffield) 160208/08/2018CARES
Compania Espanola de Laminacion RS002607/08/2018BRE
Compania Espanola de Laminacion ECR001107/08/2018BRE
Tata Steel Colors BES56239605/08/2018BSI
H+H UK LtdBES63677823/07/2018BSI
Stahlwerk Thuringen GmbH BES68128211/07/2018BSI
David Ball Group plc BES60813803/07/2018BSI
Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC (Sohar, Oman) 158219/06/2018CARES
Bison Precast CPRS0001701/06/2018QSRMC
Lignacite Ltd BES58082317/05/2018BSI
Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd BES68723209/05/2018BSI
Lemon Groundwork Solutions (Ltd) 155728/04/2018CARES
Polypipe Terrain Ltd RS002427/04/2018BRE
Swish Building Products BES57349518/04/2018BSI
Swish Building Products BES61296918/04/2018BSI
Al Wataniya Concrete LLC RS005116/04/2018BRE
Qatar Steel Company 156509/04/2018CARES
Tata Steel UK Ltd BES65138205/04/2016BSI
A.Steadman & Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd) INTRS000130/03/2018Intertek
Union Iron & Steel (Abu Dhabi) 155629/03/2018CARES
Metal Technology Ltd BES67564514/03/2018BSI
Marshalls plc RS000808/03/2018BRE
Tata Steel Netherlands Holding b.v. BES64379405/03/2018BSI
Albion Stone plc BES60817604/03/2018BSI
Tarmac Building Products Ltd BES56726720/09/2010BSI
Breedon Trading Ltd BES59259116/08/2013BSI
Brett Aggregates Ltd CPRS0005608/02/2018QSRMC
Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd BES57300808/02/2018BSI
Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd BES57300908/02/2018BSI
Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd BES60958808/02/2018BSI
Tarmac Cement & Lime Ltd BES61275108/02/2018BSI
ISOCAB France INTRS000305/02/2018Intertek
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd BES56342626/01/2018BSI
Voestalpine Metsec plc BES58273724/01/2018BSI
Sohar Steel LLC (Oman) 153323/01/2018CARES
Saint Gobain Glass UK BES60233012/01/2018BSI
Knauf UK GmbH BES58320204/01/2018BSI
William Hare Ltd RS001204/01/2018BRE
Bourne Construction Engineering Ltd RS002314/12/2017BRE
ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih 152109/11/2017CARES
Forticrete Ltd BES56703005/11/2017BSI
Forticrete Ltd BES56703105/11/2017BSI
Hadley Industries Holdings BES60297701/11/2017BSI
Ibstock Brick Ltd CPRS0002528/10/2017QSRMC
Russell Building Products Ltd CPRS0004321/10/2017QSRMC
John Parker & Son Ltd BES66845803/10/2017BSI
Wienerberger Ltd 2463128/09/2017Lucideon
Brett Landscaping & Building Products CPRS0002322/09/2017QSRMC
ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe S.A. INTRS000219/09/2017Intertek
Wienerberger Ltd 2465609/09/2017Lucideon
Polyflor Ltd RS002205/09/2017BRE
Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd RS000505/09/2017BRE
Longcliffe Quarries Ltd 2467619/08/2017Lucideon
Knauf Insulation Ltd RS005010/08/2017BRE
Crown Paints Ltd BES65557131/07/2017BSI
F Brazil Reinforcements Ltd 151003/07/2017CARES
Quinn Cement Ltd CPRS0003323/06/2017QSRMC
Holcim (Romania) S.A. RS001920/06/2017BRE
Holcim (Romania) S.A. RS002020/06/2017BRE
Holcim (Romania) S.A. RS002120/06/2017BRE
S.N.Seixal - Siderurgia Nacional, S.A. ECR000919/06/2017BRE
Steel Formed Sections Ltd RS004925/05/2017BRE
CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A. RS004816/05/2017BRE
Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies 147610/05/2017CARES
Stevin Rock LLC RS004708/05/2017BRE
Ecocem Ireland Ltd 2468504/05/2017Lucideon
Techcrete Ltd RS001302/05/2017BRE
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints UK RS003124/03/2017BRE
Saint Gobain Isover UK 2475627/04/2017Lucideon
Kingspan Insulated Panels RS004606/03/2017BRE
S.N.Maia - Siderurgia Nacional, S.A. ECR000803/03/2017BRE
Smart Systems Ltd BES66868101/03/2017BSI
Brazil & Co. (Steel) Ltd. t/a Fairyhouse Steel 149120/02/2017CARES
Objektflor Art und Design Belags GmbH RS004516/02/2017BRE
Polyflor Ltd RS004416/02/2017BRE
Supreme Concrete Ltd BES65139926/01/2017BSI
Ravatherm UK RS004313/01/2017BRE
Hy-Ten Reinforcement Co Ltd 147701/01/2017CARES
Parkside Group Ltd BES71432403/11/2016BSI
Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies 147510/2016CARES
Thames Reinforcement 147410/2016CARES
Habas A.S.147210/2016CARES
Conares Metal Supply Ltd (Rebar Mill Division) 147010/2016CARES
Megasa Siderurgica SL 146710/2016CARES
Bastug Metalurji Sanayl AS 147109/2016CARES
Capital Reinforcing Ltd 146909/2016CARES
ArcelorMittal Hamburg GmbH 146809/2016CARES
Yesilyurt Demir Celik Endustri Ve Liman Isletmeleri Ltd STI 146509/2016CARES
ArcelorMittal Kent Wire Ltd TA AMCS 146409/2016CARES
ArcelorMittal Kent Wire Lts 146309/2016CARES
IDCAS Celik Enerji Tersane Ve Ulasim Sanayi AS 146209/2016CARES
Kroman Celik Sanayii AS 146109/2016CARES
Diler Iron and Steel Co Inc 146009/2016CARES
Emirates Steel Industries Co. PJSC 145909/2016CARES
SN Seixal - Siderurgia Nacional SA 145809/2016CARES
Ekinciler Demir Ve Celik SAN.A.S 145709/2016CARES
Colakoglu Metalurji AS 145409/2016CARES
SN Maia - Siderurgia Nacional SA 145507/2016CARES
Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi AS 145307/2016CARES
Yazici Iron & Steel Co Inc 145207/2016CARES
Qatar Steel Commpany (QPSC) 145107/2016CARES
Kawneer UK Ltd BES65079716/08/2016BSI
Saint-Gobain Constructions Products BES61317013/10/2014BSI
Saint-Gobain PAM UK BES61362101/05/2014BSI
Saint-Gobain PAM UK BES60063501/05/2014BSI
Eurobons Laminates Ltd BES60104012/12/2013BSI
Kestrel BCE Ltd BES60571313/09/2013BSI
Plasmor Products BES58508701/03/2013BSI
Plasmor Products BES58508601/03/2013BSI
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd CPRS0002926/04/2012CPC
Breedon Cement Ireland Ltd CPRS0003019/09/2011CPC
Cornish Concrete Products Ltd CPRS0002401/03/2011CPC
Brett Concrete Ltd CPRS0002221/12/2010CPC
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd CPRS0001325/05/2010CPC
CEMEX UK Materals Lts CPRS0001225/05/2010CPC
Forticrete Ltd BES63788513/09/2010BSI
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd CPRS0000906/05/2010CPC
CEMEX UK Cement Ltd CPRS0000817/03/2010CPC
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd CPRS0000323/09/2009CPC

First 3 Responsible Sourcing certificates ever issued by all licensees

CompanyCertificateIssue DateLicensee
1Aggregate IndustriesRS000103/03/2009BRE
2Wienerberger Ltd.RS000218/08/2009BRE
3H + H UK Ltd.RS000309/09/2009BRE
=Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd.CPRS00001/0000209/09/2009QSRMC

First 3 Responsible Sourcing certificates ever issued by BRE

CompanyCertificateIssue Date
1Aggregate IndustriesRS00103/03/2009
2Wienerberger Ltd.RS00218/08/2009
3H + H UK Ltd.RS00309/09/2009

Aluminium Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Smart Systems LtdVery GoodBES668681Valid
Anglian Windows LtdVery GoodBES722815Valid
Hydro Building Systems UK Limited Very GoodBES707161Valid
Parkside GroupGoodBES714324Valid
Metal Technology LtdGoodBES675645Valid
ASD Ltd t/a Kloeckner Metals UK GoodBES711846Valid
Senior Architectural Systems (SAS)PassRS0054Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
O.C.O Technology LtdExcellentCPRS00059Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.ExcellentBES668185Expired
Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd ExcellentCPRS00002Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.Very GoodCPRS00009Valid
Holcim (Romania) S.A.Very GoodRS0019Valid
Hanson CementVery GoodCPRS00035Valid
Midland Quarry Products LtdVery GoodCPRS00055Valid
Brett Aggregates LtdVery GoodCPRS00056Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.GoodBES563426Valid
Thames Materials LtdGoodBES752991 Valid
Longcliffe Quarries LtdGood24676Valid
Stevin Rock LLCGoodRS0047Valid
Creagh Concrete Products LtdPassRS0010Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Hanson Quarry Products Europe LtdExcellentCPRS00021Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.Very GoodBES563426Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.Very GoodCPRS00012Valid
Midland Quarry Products LtdVery GoodCPRS00055Valid
IKO plcGood24703Valid
United Asphalt Ltd.Pass24696Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) LtdExcellentBES665651Valid
Tarmac Building Products LtdExcellentBES567267Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.ExcellentCPRS00013Valid
Thomas Armstrong (Concrete Blocks) LtdVery GoodBES665634Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.Very GoodBES563426Valid
Hanson Building ProductsVery GoodCPRS00018Valid
H+H UK Ltd.Very GoodBES636778Valid
Lignacite Ltd.GoodBES580823Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Ibstock Bricks LtdExcellentCPRS00025Valid
Wienerberger LtdExcellent24631Valid
Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLCGoodCPRS00047Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Cement & Lime LtdExcellentBES573009Valid
Lagan Cement LtdExcellentCPRS00030Valid
Irish Cement LtdExcellentCPRS00026Valid
CEMEX UK Cement LtdVery GoodCPRS00008Valid
Quinn Cement LtdVery GoodCPRS00033Valid
Ecocem Ireland LtdVery Good24685Valid
Parex LtdGood1494Expired
David Ball Group plcPassBES608138Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Building Products LtdExcellentBES567267Valid
Hanson CementExcellentCPRS00028Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd.Very GoodBES563426Valid
Holcim (Romania) S.A.Very GoodRS0021Valid
Hanson CementVery GoodCPRS00035Valid
CRH Ciment (Romania) S.A.Very GoodRS0048Valid
Parex LtdGood1494Expired


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Forterra Building Products LtdVery GoodCPRS00057 Valid
Plasmor LtdGoodBES585087Valid

Concrete Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Bauer Technologies LtdExcellentBES732496Valid
Russell Building Products Ltd. ExcellentCPRS00043Valid
Tarmac Building Products Ltd ExcellentBES567267Valid
Hanson Quarry Products Europe Ltd. ExcellentCPRS00001Valid
Cornish Concrete Products Ltd. ExcellentCPRS00024Valid
Holcim (Romania) S.A. Very GoodRS0020Valid
Techcrete Ltd Very GoodRS0013Valid
Marshalls Plc. Very GoodRS0008Valid
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd. Very GoodBES563426Valid
F P McCann Ltd Very GoodBES740682Valid
Acheson & Glover Ltd Very GoodBES740902Valid
Brett Concrete Ltd. Very GoodCPRS00022Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd. Very GoodCPRS00003Valid
CPI Mortars Ltd. Very GoodCPRS00038Valid
Forticrete Ltd. Very GoodBES567031Valid
Forterra Building Products Ltd Very Good CPRS00057Valid
Creagh Concrete Products Ltd Very GoodRS0010Valid
Bison Precast Very GoodCPRS00017Valid
Forterra Building Products Ltd Very GoodCPRS00016Valid
Breedon Trading Ltd Very GoodBES592591Valid
Capital Concrete Ltd Very GoodCPRS00058Valid
Explore 2050 Manufacturing LtdVery GoodRS0009Valid
Al Wataniya Concrete LLC GoodRS0051Valid
Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd. GoodRS0005Valid
Byldis prefab b.v. GoodRS0040Valid
Whitemountain Ltd GoodCPRS00060Valid
Plasmor Ltd GoodBES585086Valid
Tobermore Concrete Products Ltd GoodBES687232Valid
Celsa Steel (UK) Ltd GoodERMCU0011Valid
Supreme Concrete Ltd GoodBES651399Valid
S Morris Ltd GoodBES698287Valid
Rackham Housefloors LtdPassCPRS00054Valid
Bituchem Group LtdPassBES724526Valid
David Ball Group plc PassBES608138Valid
ModernMix Ltd Pass24740Valid
Rockrite Haulage Ltd PassBES650688Valid
Mick George Concrete Ltd PassBES651593Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Marshalls Plc.Very GoodRS0008Valid
Saint-Gobain PAM UKVery GoodBES600635Valid
Swish Building ProductsVery GoodBES612969Valid
Swish Building ProductsVery GoodBES573495Valid
Saint-Gobain PAM UKGoodBES613621Valid
Newton Waterproofing SystemsGoodRS0057Valid
Polypipe Terrain LtdPassRS0024Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Polyflor LtdExcellentRS0022Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.ExcellentCPRS00013Valid
Objectflor Art Und Design Belags GmbHVery GoodRS0045Valid
Polyflor Ltd.Very GoodRS0044Valid
Forterra Building Products LtdVery Good CPRS00017Valid
Creagh Concrete Products LtdVery GoodRS0010Valid
Aspecta BVGoodINTRS0011Valid
Aspecta BVGoodINTRS0012Valid

Fly Ash

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Hanson CementExcellentCPRS00053Valid
Tarmac Cement & Lime LtdExcellentBES612751Valid
CEMEX UK Cement Ltd.Very GoodCPRS00011Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Saint-Gobain Glass UK Ltd.ExcellentBES602330Valid
Guardian Industries UK LtdGoodBES630917Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Building Products Ltd.ExcellentBES567267Valid
Parex Ltd.Good1494Expired

Insulation Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Kingspan Insulation LtdExcellentRS0037Valid
FALK Bouwsystemen BVVery Good1668Valid
Kingspan Insulation LtdVery GoodRS0014Valid
Kingspan Insulated PanelsVery GoodINTRS0014Valid
ISOCAB FranceVery GoodINTRS0003Valid
A.Steadman & Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd) Very GoodINTRS0001Valid
Knauf Insulation LtdVery GoodRS0050Valid
Paroc Group OyGoodRS0025Valid
Polyfoam XPS LtdGoodRS0043Valid
Saint Gobain Isover UKGood24756Valid
BRUCHA Gesellschaft m.b.h.GoodBES709422Valid
Kingspan Oy, Paroc Panel SystemGoodINTRS0018Valid
Kingspan OyGoodINTRS0019Valid
Xtratherm LtdPassRS0039Valid
Kingspan GmbHPassINTRS0016Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Cement & Lime LtdExcellentBES573008Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
British Steel LtdVery GoodBES657751Valid
Tata Steel UK LtdVery GoodBES651382Valid

Mechanical Electrical Items

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Daikin Europe B.V.Very GoodRS0032Valid
Daikin Industries Czech Republic s.r.o.GoodRS0038Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Cement & Lime LtdExcellentBES609588Valid
Tarmac Building Products LtdExcellentBES567267Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.Very GoodCPRS00029Valid
CPI Mortars Ltd.Very GoodCPRS00038Valid
Parex Ltd.Good1494Expired

Paint Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints UK LtdVery GoodRS0031 Valid
Crown Paints LtdVery GoodBES655571 Valid

Paving Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Brett Landscaping & Building ProductsExcellentCPRS00023Valid
CEMEX UK Materials Ltd.ExcellentCPRS00013Valid
Wienerberger Ltd.Excellent24631Valid
Marshalls plcVery GoodRS0008Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
British GypsumExcellentBES613170Valid
Hadley Industries Holdings Ltd.Excellent BES602977Valid
Knauf UK GmbHExcellentBES583202Valid
Etex Building Performance Ltd.ExcellentCPRS00027Valid
Saint Gobain Construction Products (Ireland) LtdExcellentRS0033Valid
Saint Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp z o.o.   Very GoodRS0034Valid
Saint-Gobain Construction Products Belgium N.V.Very GoodRS0055Valid
Saint Gobain Construction Products CZ a.s.GoodRS0042Valid
Saint Gobain Construction Products HungaryPassRS0052Valid

PVC Profiles

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Kestrel BCE Ltd.GoodBES605713Valid
Polypipe Civils LtdGoodBES741346Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Quinn Radiators LimitedGoodBES587883Expired


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Capital Reinforcing Ltd Very Good1469Valid
F Brazil Reinforcement Ltd Very Good1510Valid
Hy-Ten Reinforcement Co Ltd Very Good1477Valid
ArcelorMittal Kent Wire Ltd t/a AMCS Good1464Valid
Thames Reinforcements Good1750Valid
Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies Pass1475Valid
Thames Reinforcements Pass1474Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (Fabrication) (Sheffield) Excellent1603Valid
Total Construction Supplies Limited (SiteA) Excellent 1754Valid
Compañía Española de Laminación S.L. Very GoodINTRS0009Valid
Celsa Steel UKGoodERMCU0011Valid
Al Ittifaq Steel Products Company Good1763Valid
Hamriyah Steel FZCGood1662Valid
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd (ASR Rod Mill) (Sheffield) Good1602Valid
Roe Bros & Co Ltd (Peterborough) Good1644Valid
Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel LLC (Sohar, Oman) Good1582Valid
Qatar Reinforcement Company Pass1565Valid
Lemon Groundwork Solutions Ltd Pass1744Valid

Roofing Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Russell Building Products Ltd ExcellentCPRS00043Valid
Tegral Building Products LtdExcellentCPRS00052Valid
Wienerberger Ltd (Sandtoft)Excellent24656Valid
CEMEX UK Materials LtdExcellentCPRS00013Valid
Forticrete LtdVery GoodBES567031Valid
Marley Eternit LtdVery GoodBES611891Expired
Swish Building ProductsVery Good BES573495Valid
Tata Steel UK LtdVery GoodBES651382Valid
Kingspan Insulated PanelsVery GoodRS0046Valid
A.Steadman & Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd) Very GoodINTRS0001Valid
Romakowski GmbH & Co. KGVery GoodRS0053Valid
Tata Steel Netherlands Holding B.V. GoodBES643794Valid
IKO plcGood24729Valid
IKO plcGood24710Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Tarmac Building Products Ltd.ExcellentBES567267Valid

Steel Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Reinforcement Solutions LtdExcellent1652Valid
Hadley Industries Holdings Very GoodBES639458Valid
Metsec Plc.Very Good BES582737Valid
TATA Steel Colors Very GoodBES562396Valid
Tata Steel UK Ltd Very GoodBES651382Valid
William Hare Ltd. Very GoodRS0012Valid
William Hare UAE LLC Very GoodINTRS0015Valid
Compania Espanola de Laminacion S.L. Very GoodRS0026Valid
Qatar Steel Company Very Good1451Valid
BRC LtdVery Good INTRS0006Valid
ROM Group LtdVery GoodINTRS0005Valid
A.Steadman & Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd) Very GoodINTRS0001Valid
Liberty Steel, Rotherham Steel and Bar Very Good 1739Valid
Stahlwerk Thuringen GmbH Very GoodBES681282Valid
JORIS IDE n.v.Very GoodERMJI0010Valid
Peiner Trager GmbHGoodINTRS0020Valid
Tata Steel Netherlands Holding B.V. GoodBES643794Valid
ArcelorMittal Construction Belgium NVGoodRS0058Valid
AG der Dillinger Huttenwerke GoodBES733541Valid
Spartan UK LtdGoodBES727141Valid
Liberty Steel Dalzell Ltd GoodBES744237Valid
Celsa Steel UKGoodRS0006Valid
Severfield plcGoodRS0007Valid
Bourne Construction Engineering Ltd. Good RS0023Valid
Byrne Bros. (Formwork) Ltd. GoodRS0005Valid
Delft Profielen B.V Good1740Valid
ArcelorMittal Long Products - Europe GoodRS0030Valid
ArcelorMittal Zaragoza S.A. Good1466Expired
ArcelorMittal Hamburg GmbH Good1468Valid
Diler Iron & Steel Co Inc Good1460Valid
Conares Metal Supply Ltd Good1470Valid
ArcelorMittal Kent Wire Ltd Good1463Valid
British Steel  GoodBES729057Valid
ASD Ltd t/a Kloeckner Metals UKGoodBES711846Valid
Brazil & Co. (Steel) Ltd t/a Fairyhouse SteelGood1491Valid
Habas A.S.Pass1472Valid
Megasa Siderurgica S.L. Pass1467Valid
S.N. Maia - Siderurgia Nacional, S.A. Pass1455Valid
Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi A.S. Pass1453Valid
Yazici Iron & Steel Co Inc Pass 1452Valid
Colakoglu Metalurji A.S. Pass1454Valid
Ekinciler Iron & Steelworks Inc Pass1457Valid
S.N. Seixal - Siderurgia Nacional, S.A. Pass1458Valid
Emirates Steel Industries Pass1459Valid
Kroman Celik Sanayi A.S. Pass1461Valid
ICDAS Celik Enerji Tersane Ve Ulasim Sanayi A.S. Pass1462Valid
Yesilyurt Demir Celik Endustrisi Ve Liman Isletmeleri Ltd Pass1465Valid
Bastug Mmetalurji Sanayi A.S. Pass1471Valid
Steel Formed Sections Ltd PassRS0049Valid
ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe S.A. PassINTRS0002Valid
Midland Steel Reinforcement Supplies Pass1476Valid
John Parker & Son Ltd PassBES668458Valid
Union Iron & Steel (Abu Dhabi) Pass1556Valid
Sohar Steel LLC (Oman) Pass1533Valid
ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih Pass1521Valid
Barrett Steel Ltd PassBES693829Valid
Qatar Steel Company FZE Pass1688Valid 
Open Joint-Stock Company Byelorussian Steel Works Pass1654Valid
Kaptan Demir Celik Endustrisi Ve Ticaret A.S. Pass1679Valid


CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Albion Stone Plc.ExcellentBES608176Valid
Marshalls Plc.Very GoodRS0008Valid

Walling Products

CompanyRatingCertificate No.Status
Marshalls Plc.Very GoodRS0008Valid
Forticrete Ltd.Very GoodBES567031Valid
Kingspan Insulated PanelsVery GoodRS0046Valid
Techcrete LtdVery GoodRS0013Valid
A.Steadman & Son (a division of SIG Trading Ltd) Very GoodINTRS0001Valid
Tata Steel UK LtdVery GoodBES651382Valid
Tata Steel Netherlands Holding B.V.Very GoodBES643794Valid
Romakowski GmbH & Co. KGVery GoodRS0053Valid
Forticrete Ltd.GoodBES567030Valid
Parex Ltd.Good1494Expired
Eurobond Laminates LtdGoodBES601040Valid
Euroclad LtdGoodBES637885Valid