Getting to net zero is one of the top priorities for forward-thinking organisations. Stakeholders and investors expect to see meaningful reduction initiatives, like transitioning to low carbon energy, decarbonisation and the effective use of sustainable products and methods that address social impacts and improve returns.

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What are the challenges?

We understand that developing and successfully implementing a net zero strategy for your organisation can seem daunting.

    • Where do you begin to create a Net Zero Route Map?
    • How do you choose your goals?
    • How do they compare with your peers and competitors, and how will that affect your commercial standing?
    • What measures, methods and practices could be applied to achieve your goals?
    • Are you able to quantify the potential outcomes if you were to execute your plan?

How can BRE Strategic Advisory help?

BRE Strategic Advisory provides extensive insight and consultancy to help clients create a net zero route map. We are able to supply a range of professional, relevant resources and customisable services:


Experienced consulting resource
– using BRE’s science and expertise to deliver proven sustainability strategies, providing clients with independent advice and guidance.

Set the context, ambition and aims
– develop an understanding of the mission, your aspirations and aims for sustainability across applicable dimensions including site, design and materials.

Rapid evidence review
– bring together current and emerging national, regional, local policy, scientific research, financial initiatives, industry led roadmaps, standards and working groups and policy initiatives from influential organisations linked to your operational landscape.

Internal stakeholder engagement
– across company, departments, and teams draw out the aspirations, potential opportunities, risks and synergies. Look for examples of good practice. Create a better understanding of challenges, what hasn’t worked previously, potential barriers to moving forward and how they can be overcome.

External stakeholder engagement
– engage with a range of current and potential future stakeholders using both client and BRE networks: supply chain, technical, trade, policy, financial, social, industry collaborators and customers.


Technical support and review
– identify the priorities; what should you tackle first? What measures can be taken to understand how you’re performing. Determine market capacity and review the supply chain. Deep dive into priority technical themes including: energy, renewable technologies, ventilation, whole life carbon, embodied carbon, waste, climate resilience, social value, wider health and wellbeing issues, and the ageing population.

Creation of vision and a bespoke bitesize route map
– develop a vision and roadmap to implement the mission. Use the technical analysis and engagement to ensure that the Sustainability Route Map is succinct and will have lasting impact.

Progress tracking
– in combination with user-friendly tools and methodologies, such as SmartWaste, provide ongoing, independent assessment and advice on the Net Zero Route Map performance.

– providing benchmark and performance indicator measurement to help you understand which strategies are successful, which areas need attention, and benchmark how they compare with your peers and competitors.

Holistic sustainability for your assets
–  start your asset’s journey to becoming a net zero carbon building with BRE’s world leading sustainability assessment method BREEAM. With a comprehensive approach, BREEAM enables asset owners to work towards net zero carbon by balancing ecological considerations, effective management, and efficient waste practices.

What benefits does BRE Strategic Advisory deliver?

Working with BRE Strategic Advisory to create your Net Zero Route Map can realise benefits for your business:

Enhance your brand, reputation and stakeholder relationships

  • Evidence resource conservation, increased efficiency, and responsible and sustainable sourcing
  • Build confidence with investors
  • Demonstrate committed sustainability goals to inform increasingly enlightened customers.

Better manage risk

  • Recognise growing market demands and protect growth opportunities
  • Develop resilience against future climate change regulation.

Increase project value

  • Encourage innovation and competitiveness
  • Support achievement of BREEAM certification and the corresponding increase in asset value.

Save money

  • Identify materials that can be reused and recycled
  • Manage waste sustainably and at the highest value
  • Forecast outcomes and plan more effectively based upon more detailed and more accurate data.

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