We organise conferences and other events at which the top industrial, research, academic and media experts explain, discuss and present the latest information on today’s key built environment issues. These can range from flood resilience and modern slavery, to the digital revolution and affordable homes provision. We also exhibit at many industry shows throughout the year.

See below for a selection of our forthcoming events.


Hold your event at BRE

A range of conference and meeting facilities is available at our 70-acre head-office site near Watford, which boasts a fascinating set of buildings and research facilities, including the world renowned Innovation Park.

Call us on 0333 321 88 11 if you would like to know more about booking your event – or email BRE Conferences

Forthcoming events and conferences

BRE Heritage Day

8 September, BRE Watford

As well as the once top secret model of the Mohne Dam used in the early stages of developing the Dambusters’ famous Bouncing Bomb, some of our larger test labs and the homes of our Innovation Park will be open to view for free.

BRE Innovation in Solar Conference

10 September, BRE Watford

This one day conference brings together visionaries and researchers from the cutting edge of innovation in solar.

Fire Research Conference

18 September, BRE Watford

Reflecting BRE’s standing in the field of fire behaviour research and fire performance testing, the programme will reveal the diversity and influence of BRE’s research activities.

Other events and conferences

The 2018 Annual UK Top100 Corporate Modern Slavery Influencers’ Index Recognition Dinner

26 September, RIBA London
Developed and delivered by BRE and Sustain Worldwide, recognises individuals from all business sectors (not Government or NGOs) who are influence leaders in raising awareness to end modern slavery and labour exploitation.

Modern Slavery and Ethical Labour in Construction Leadership Symposium 2018

27 September, RIBA London
The 3rd annual 2018 Symposium draws together the corporate leaders, professional institutions and membership associations, and public and third sector advocates who are driving the agenda to raise awareness of modern slavery and labour exploitation in the UK and global supply chains.

8th Annual APRES Conference

1 November, Pinsent Masons, London

The 8th Annual APRES Conference takes a cross supply chain approach to best practice examples of responsible sourcing and procurement for infrastructure projects.

Attend to hear from clients of the leading national infrastructure projects


UK Passivhaus Conference 2018

13 November, Cloth Hall Court, Leeds

In the UK, buildings in use account for 43% of CO2 emissions, providing a significant opportunity to make energy & carbon savings.

The 2018 UK Passivhaus Conference aims to provide the industry with technical & policy insight into the technologies and techniques available now to implement and meet 2050 carbon targets.

Cities Convention

27-28 November, BRE, Watford

Two back-to-back one-day conferences will explore two key areas: Cities Regeneration and Cities Infrastructure.

Supported by real-world case studies and drawing upon the insights of experts, the conference will examine key concepts around a more data-driven built environment, public-private partnerships and cyber security.

Constructing Excellence Annual Conference 2018

12 December, Tower of London

2018 is Constructing Excellence’s year of Words into Action. This year’s annual conference will look at tangible ways in which Constructing Excellence principles have been applied to deliver value and improve performance.

Join us on 12 December to find out how we can build on 20 years of industry leadership and maximise this unique opportunity for change.