SABRE Registered Assessors & Professionals

SABRE Registered Assessor
A SABRE Registered Assessor understands the process and technical issues covered by the SABRE scheme. Their role is to interpret the requirements of each issue in relation to a scheme, communicate these requirements to the applicant and to collate the evidence that leads to SABRE certification. SABRE Registered Assessors operate on behalf of a SABRE Licensed Company.

SABRE Registered Professional
There are certain technical criteria in the SABRE scheme which can only be met if delivered by a ‘Competent Person’. A SABRE Registered Assessor will check for evidence of this competence against the ‘Competent Person’ criteria defined in the SABRE Scheme Document.  To simplify this process and give assurance to buyers of professional security services,  BRE Global has created a register of recognised competent persons. These individuals are known as SABRE Registered Professionals and are deemed to meet the competency requirements of the various deliverables within the SABRE scheme including: threat assessments, risk assessments, security strategies, technical design & engineering and operational security plans. The list is also intended to act as an indicator of professionalism for the benefit of the wider industry. SABRE Registered Professionals are registered under licence with BRE Global, and operate on behalf of a SABRE Licensed Company.

BREEAM Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS)

The BREEAM UK New Construction scheme rewards applicants for incorporating effective security into buildings. BREEAM requires a ‘Suitably Qualified Security Specialist’ (SQSS) to undertake this activity.  The BREEAM Assessor will request evidence from an individual to verify that they meet the SQSS criteria. Alternatively, the SQSS may be registered with a BREEAM-recognised scheme for security specialists.

BREEAM recognises SABRE Registered Professionals with the SQSS designation as proof that an individual meets the SQSS criteria without the need to submit additional evidence, therefore simplifying the process for the BREEAM Assessor and the SQSS.

All SABRE Registered Assessors and Professionals are listed on Full details of the SABRE Licensing scheme can be found in the SABRE Operations Handbook (PN715), available in the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.

SABRE Registered Assessor Training

A core part of the qualifying criteria to become a SABRE Registered Assessor is training. This provides individuals with an understanding of the SABRE scheme and the way assessments are delivered. Training sessions are held regularly and can be run privately if required (subject to minimum attendance of 5 persons).

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Training Dates:

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Applications & Fees

Applications to become SABRE Registered Assessors and/or SABRE Registered Professionals must be made Using form BF1765, available in the ‘Downloads’ section of this website.

Applications must be submitted on behalf of the individuals’ employer, which upon registration of the first SABRE Registered Assessor or Professional will be provided the status of a SABRE Licensed Company.