Responsible Sourcing Do’s and Don’ts

Our approach to responsible sourcing

BRE Purchasing endeavours to meet BRE’s diverse requirements in ways that take appropriate account of environmental, economic and societal issues.

We have a Sustainable Purchasing Policy of procuring products and services that minimise negative impact on the environment. For instance, we now only use sustainable timber and wood-based products on BRE premises, except in exceptional cases. As a minimum all timber has to be legally sourced.

For responsible sourcing to work, BRE must collaborate effectively with suppliers. Wherever possible, we take account of an organisation’s sustainability credentials and certification to recognised standards in the supplier appraisal process. We encourage suppliers to address our sustainability objectives, including advancing resource efficiency, minimising waste, preventing pollution and preserving natural resources.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Behave in a way that enhances BRE’s reputation as a good and socially responsible corporate citizen.
  • Treat with dignity and respect everybody that you work with.
  • Follow BRE’s approved contractors and suppliers procedures and sustainable purchasing rules when selecting a contractor or supplier.
  • Ensure that our contractors/suppliers understand and observe the ethical principles under which we operate.


  • Act in a way that may violate the rights of a co-worker, partner, competitor and the wider community as a whole.
  • Facilitate or ignore illegal business practices whether at BRE or somewhere else.
  • Turn a blind eye to incidents suggesting modern slavery or human trafficking may be taking place in our supply chains or some part of our own business: e.g. child or forced labour.
  • Cut corners when it comes to making sure that the transactions that we enter into or the people that we work with comply with the high ethical standards that BRE adheres to.