Proper Use of Company Property and Resources

Everyone at BRE is responsible for protecting the company assets from misuse, loss, damage or theft. It is imperative that we protect both our physical and intangible assets.


Company assets include:

Physical assets

  • Company property, facilities and equipment – e.g. buildings, computers, photocopiers, mobile phones, vehicles
  • Company funds

Intangible assets

  • Our reputation
  • Employee time
  • Confidential information – e.g. business plans
  • Intellectual property
  • Financial information

Business continuity

BRE is committed to ensuring business continuity and resilience is at the forefront of all operations, ensuring customer, regulatory and accreditation requirements are adhered to at all times. BRE maintains and continues to develop a business continuity management system in accordance with globally recognised management system standards, encompassing all service and business areas, thus ensuring that in the event of an incident we have robust plans and continuity measures in place to minimise disruption to key operations, facilitating efficient resolution of service.

Using company assets for personal activities
Company assets and resources are provided to enable you to fulfil your job responsibilities for the benefit of BRE and our customers. However, BRE permits the occasional use of company resources for personal non-work related purposes as long as:

  • you use BRE resources responsibly and securely,
  • you use BRE resources lawfully and in a way that is consistent with BRE’s core values and behaviours, and
  • your personal use does not:
    • interfere with company business,
    • adversely affect your productivity, or
    • result in personal gain.

For example:

Q: You have been working on a piece of research in your own time, and believe you can make good money by selling it to an external organisation. Recently the research has started to encroach on your work hours and you’ve been spending at least a couple of hours on it every work day, both on BRE premises and when working from home.

Is this appropriate?

A: NO. BRE expects you to fulfil your role responsibilities while at work. While the occasional personal use of company assets is permitted during breaks, this should not extend into working hours. What is more, you are not allowed to use company property for personal gain. Also, you cannot get involved in outside activities that might conflict with BRE’s interests.