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Sustainable Estates Options Appraisal Methodology (SEOAM)

SEOAM is online guidance to assist non-domestic estate owners and investors with including sustainability as an integral part of strategic decision making process.

Please note the technical content of the guidance is currently in testing and development phase. This is not the final guidance, so please read it with caution.

A recent study ‘Towards a greener future’ by DLA Piper, based on results from a survey of over 100 European real estate investors, concluded that 71% of investors would accept higher costs for sustainable real estate.

It is therefore becoming a business imperative to incorporate environmental issues as an integral part of the decision making process to deliver sustainable long term estate management plans for an organisation.

Sustainable Estates Options Appraisal Methodology (SEOAM)

SEOAM enables multi-stakeholder discussion covering a range of sustainability issues. So whether you are a client, or contractor, the building owner/operator or occupier, SEOAM can assist your business to manage its environmental impacts and costs.

The methodology helps you to:

  • Consider a well–balanced approach in the decision making process
  • Review and report how the proposed scheme performs against your organisation’s sustainability policies;
  • Compare your indiviudal building and estate level performance;
  • Validate different options.

Please click the video link below to watch a demonstration of the online guidance. It is recommended that this video is best viewed at 480p.

To access the online Sustainable Estates Options Appraisal Methodology (SEOAM) please click the link below.


If you require further information about the methodology, or other services BRE can offer, please contact Kiru Balson at [email protected]

BRE Consultancy services for buildings in-use

BRE offers consultancy services for non-domestic and domestic Buildings in use.We carry out post occupancy evaluations to determine how well a building is performing, as well as construction troubleshooting and building investigations to identify and solve problems. We also provide expert witness assistance, particularly in civil litigation and technical arbitration.

Other services include:

Sustainable Design Advice & Guidance BRE’s comprehensive understanding of sustainability in construction can help clients, design teams and contractors to achieve and demonstrate sustainability standards in new build and refurbishment. This includes:

  • Facilitated meetings to establish sustainability priorities and project indicators
  • Design concepts through to planning
  • Low carbon design options appraisal
  • Development of architectural, mechanical & electrical and structural output specifications
  • Organisation of architectural design competitions
  • Evaluation of tenders against environmental performance
  • Technical support and establishment of evidence for meeting project sustainability indicators

BREEAM In-Use – this BREEAM scheme helps building and facilities managers to evaluate the environmental performance of existing buildings and take the most effective action to improve it, reducing energy and other costs.

Design Quality Indicator (DQI) – This is a process for improving and evaluating the design quality of buildings. BRE have a team of experts who are registered to facilitate the workshops at which the web-based DQI questionnaire is completed. DQI can help to ensure that desired project outcomes are identified and tracked through the design process.