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BRE is the UK partner in the pan-European project “EPISCOPE” which is developing consistent dwelling typologies, and investigating the potential for energy efficiency refurbishment of the housing stock. 

The overall strategic objective of the project is to make the energy refurbishment processes in the European housing sector transparent and effective. Principally, this will help monitor progress against climate change targets, and allow for that corrective or enhancement actions can be taken in due time, if necessary.

The starting point of the project is the definition of residential building typologies for each nation involved in the project.  This builds on the previous project known as TABULA.

As a further step requires the running of building stock models to assess refurbishment processes and project the future energy consumption. Pilot actions will be conducted in 16 countries to track the implementation of energy saving measures and their effect on the consumption in practice.

A main outcome will be a concerted set of energy performance indicators which shall enable key actors and stakeholders on different levels to ensure a high quality of energy refurbishments, the compliance with regulations, to track and steer the refurbishment processes in a cost-efficient way and to evaluate the actually achieved energy savings. A long-term objective is to install bottom up monitoring procedures in each European country.

For more details, please see the project website here: