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ECOHeat 4 Cities

ecoheat_header_imageThe Ecoheat4Cities project supports the recognition, development and application of sustainable District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems. Through the establishment of the voluntary green energy label that measures energy efficiency, use of renewables, and CO2 emission savings of DHC systems, companies, cities and interested investors can team up to make sustainable energy based choices.

The Ecoheat4cities label
heatlabel_finalcoolinglabel_finalThe Ecoheat4cities project has been developing a visual label, which provides a tool for better understanding the heating or cooling performances of existing (and planned) district heating and cooling systems to key stakeholders, including policy makers, municipalities, urban planners, and citizens.

Getting the label
For companies the label provides a valuable tool to market the performance of their district systems and to demonstrate their contribution to climate friendlier cities and urban districts.

The labelling scheme will promote understanding of the benefits of DHC among existing and potential future customers as well as boost endorsement of the technology.

Towns and cities
DHC systems are a sustainable way of heating/cooling homes and businesses. By combining the use of renewable and surplus energy with efficient technologies, DHC offers an environmentally sound way to provide an excellent heating and cooling system.

The project provides interested local authorities and urban planners with the communication tools to promote their contributions to energy and related environmental policy priorities.

Please download our brochure ‘Green comfort for sustainable cities’.

Project partners

  • EUROHEAT & POWER (EHP) – coordinator
  • Delft University of Technology (TUD)
  • Danish Technological Institute (DTI)
  • German Energy Efficiency Association for District Heating, Cooling and CHP (AGFW)
  • Swedish District Heating Association (SDHA )
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)

For further information you will find in the following Ecoheat4Cities website.


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