Paul Blackmore

Paul Blackmore is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with more than 30 years’ experience, and a leading expert in wind effects on buildings. As an Associate Director in BRE’s Building Technology Group, Paul’s responsibilities have included managing government and commercial research and consultancy contracts in wind engineering, weathertightness, acoustics, whole building airtightness testing, structural … Continue reading “Paul Blackmore”

Gareth Howlett

Gareth Howlett is a Lighting Consultant in the BRE Building Technology Group, specialising in daylight and sunlight consultancy. Gareth has extensive experience on projects involving daylight and sunlight for planning and rights to light. He has worked on development sites of all kinds, covering loss of daylight and sunlight to neighbouring windows and rooms (including … Continue reading “Gareth Howlett”

Barry Reeves

Barry Reeves is a Principal Consultant in BRE’s Building Technology Group, specialising in structural and building assessment, and full-scale testing and monitoring of buildings. Barry’s wide ranging expertise includes monitoring, investigating and appraising masonry, steel framed, concrete and system built structures. He also investigates water penetration of basements, roofs and external walls, diagnoses water ingress/egress … Continue reading “Barry Reeves”

Gordon Breeze

Gordon Breeze is a Principal Consultant in the Wind Engineering Section of BRE’s Centre for Structural Engineering. Gordon specialises in the wind testing of both structural components such as walls, roof coverings, roof underlays, roof ancillary products (e.g. gutters, roof vents), louvres, signs and fencing, and larger structures such as the Houses of Parliament’s pinnacles, … Continue reading “Gordon Breeze”

Tim Yates

Tim Yates is Technical Director of the Building Technology Group at BRE, responsible for managing projects relating to stone, heritage and other traditional building materials. Tim has worked on buildings and structures for more than 35 years, in the areas of archaeology, materials analysis, the impact of climate and pollution on heritage structures, and the … Continue reading “Tim Yates”

Tom Lennon

Tom Lennon is a Principal Consultant with responsibility for structural fire engineering at BRE, specialising in large-scale testing and site engineering. Since joining BRE in 1983 Tom has become an enormously experienced and highly regarded expert in the behaviour of structures in fire, having been responsible for a great many fire tests on single elements, … Continue reading “Tom Lennon”

Cosmin Ticleanu

Cosmin Ticleanu is a Principal Lighting Consultant in BRE’s Building Technology Group, specialising in lighting (electric and daylighting) consultancy, design, research and training. Cosmin joined BRE in 2011, bringing ten years’ lighting design and research experience, including four years as an academic in lighting and electrical engineering. Cosmin provides consultancy and research services to government, … Continue reading “Cosmin Ticleanu”

Ed Suttie

Ed Suttie specialises in timber in construction, wood protection, service life performance, durability by design, materials sustainability, bio-based composites, sustainability assessment and supply chains. With more than 20 years of experience in wood science and the forest wood chain, Ed leads a team delivering BRE’s consultancy and research programmes sponsored by industry, construction users, UK … Continue reading “Ed Suttie”