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The infrastructure sector today grapples with significant sustainability challenges. With an intensified focus on carbon management and the drive towards net-zero carbon targets, it’s vital for infrastructure projects to incorporate sustainable practices throughout their lifecycle. However, managing the numerous environmental aspects of these complex projects can be daunting.

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SmartWaste: your ally in sustainable infrastructure

SmartWaste, an innovative environmental management software for infrastructure, offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform software that can help you overcome these challenges. Designed to streamline the management of your project’s environmental impacts, SmartWaste provides a unified solution for tracking, reporting, and improving your infrastructure project’s sustainability performance.

Features tailored for infrastructure projects

SmartWaste offers a suite of features specifically tailored to support infrastructure projects.

These features and more enable infrastructure projects to accurately measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impact, aiding in the achievement of net zero targets.

  • Materials Management:
    Monitor the use of certified and non-certified materials, and their embodied carbon impacts.
  • Transport Management:
    Gather data on movements to and from site, commuting, associated fuel usage, and related carbon impacts.
  • Waste Management:
    Track, reduce, and manage waste, set waste reduction targets that deliver on your net zero carbon and circularity ambitions.
  • Biodiversity & Ecological Management:
    Capture key site data, impacts on key ecological features, and evidence Biodiversity Net Gain.

Case studies & testimonials

Here’s what industry leaders have to say:

SmartWaste has been instrumental in helping us achieve our sustainability goals. The ability to monitor and manage our environmental impacts in one place has been a game-changer.

Callum Scott, Project Sustainability Manager, Canary Wharf Contractors

Our case studies highlight how these businesses have successfully utilized SmartWaste

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Ready to make your infrastructure project more sustainable?

SmartWaste can revolutionise how you manage your infrastructure project’s environmental impacts. By using our software, you’ll not only be taking a step towards more sustainable practices, you’ll also be joining a community of industry leaders committed to making a positive environmental impact.

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