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The construction industry is grappling with challenges in waste reduction, energy efficiency, resource use, e.g. materials and water, and the pursuit of ESG and net-zero carbon targets. To navigate these challenges, businesses require comprehensive and user-friendly construction management software that aligns with sustainable construction practices. This is where SmartWaste comes into play.


Tackle construction challenges head-on with SmartWaste

SmartWaste offers an integrated software platform customised to the needs of the construction industry. Our software equips you with the functionality to effectively manage waste, optimise materials, energy and water usage, streamline operations, to meet ESG and net-zero carbon targets.

Features of SmartWaste software

Our software is loaded with features designed to transform the way you manage your construction projects. From waste forecasting, site waste management plans and compliance racking to energy efficiency monitoring and comprehensive ESG reporting, SmartWaste is the ultimate construction management solution.

Success stories with SmartWaste

We’ve helped numerous construction businesses overcome their environmental management challenges. Our case studies highlight how these businesses have successfully utilized SmartWaste to meet their environmental and sustainability targets.

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Testimonials from industry leaders

Hear from industry leaders who have benefited from SmartWaste

SmartWaste is the perfect tool to capture project compliance data such as waste carrier permits and licences, and waste transfer notes. It has supported Kier’s approach to sustainability, helping to enhance our reputation by demonstrating compliance and duty of care. By contributing to people’s understanding SmartWaste has delivered dependable and visible processes that have resulted in greater efficiencies and lower operational costs.

– Tom Howden, Head of Environment and Sustainability, Kier Infrastructure

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Ready to see how SmartWaste can revolutionise your construction business? Watch our product demo video to see our software in action. Join the ranks of sustainable construction businesses today with SmartWaste.


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