Private and public sector organisations are actively seeking reductions in asset liabilities and operational costs of their estates. Achieving these targets at scale requires continuous and reliable objective data and information streams.

BRE’s OptiSuite is a real-time, sensor-based asset and facilities management service. Typical OptiSuite outputs include:

  • Live occupancy
  • Historic occupancy
  • Internal temperature
  • Internal humidity
  • Lighting levels
  • Estimate of occupant heating contribution to a space

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Why does it benefit me?

These outputs inform, for example:

  • Reduce workstation to occupant ratios in workspaces
  • Asset utilisation
  • Delivery of internal heating and cooling
  • Lighting use

OptiSuite can optimise delivery of facilities, e.g. heating, cooling, lighting – to live occupancy patterns, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.