LIST was developed with the combined knowledge and expertise of four leading organisations. Each one brought unique ideas and perspectives that helped to produce a tool that provides a sustainable solution to shopfitting display equipment design, without the need for specialist Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training or a significant delay in the design process.

BRE is a world leading consultancy in the field of sustainability. BRE developed the Green Guide to Specification, a widely used environmental rating scheme for assessing building elements and construction products. BRE managed this BRE Trust and partner funded project, and provided its expertise in the environmental and technical assessment of materials and sustainable development.

Fitch, one of the world’s leading retail design consultants, contributed LIST by bringing their creativity and know-how to develop a retail concept. Fitch also provided an in-depth customer insight and trends update with an understanding of market drivers, such as legislation and fashion. Fitch, used its creativity to develop the look, feel and visual identity of LIST.

DisplayPlan provided the project with a proof of concept from a creative and manufacturer’s point of view, as well as an understanding of market drivers such as assembly, durability and end of life. It provided guidance and support on engineering and manufacturing issues enabling product assessments to be completed.

M&S is a major, national and international retailer, and has committing to a target to become the world’s most sustainable major retailer by 2015. M&S became involved with LIST with the objective of creating a tool for its retail team which would give an environmental assessment for current products and enable comparisons with new products, as well as allowing benchmarking of suppliers.


National Association of Shopfitters

BRE and the National Association of Shopfitters (NAS) collaborated on a project aimed at helping those involved in the shopfittings industry reduce the environmental impacts of products and equipment. The project involved working with major retailers and others within the shopfitting and interior contracting sector in order to understand more about the specification and procurement of shopfit equipment, to quantify the environmental impacts and to model potential improvements.

This research represents an important step forward for clients of shopfit who are looking for evidence-based environmental improvements, especially where cost efficiencies may also be available. The information will be invaluable to shopfittings suppliers and contractors seeking to meet sustainability standards including PAS82 and Ska Retail.


LIST is being used by a wide range organisations related to the interior fit-out industry and beyond. Users include worldwide brands and corporate clients, designers and manufacturers.