IMPACT standardises LCA, and works in harmony with full building assessment methods and schemes

How IMPACT integrates

IMPACT is flexible and can integrate with international building sustainability assessment methods and schemes by reporting environmental impacts and life cycle costing in a number of ways including to the following methods/standards*:

  • BRE Ecopoints
  • BRE Characterised
  • BS EN 15643-2:2011, BS EN 15643-4:2012 and BS EN 15978:2011 (from CEN TC/350)
  • BS ISO 15686-5:2008
  • CO2eq. (carbon footprint)
  • RICS Whole life carbon 2017

*For guidance on how IMPACT complies with these standards please contact us.


Since its inception, IMPACT has been developed with integration into BREEAM in mind.

BREEAM New Construction (UK)

Under BREEAM 2014

BREEAM 2014 awards two ‘Exemplary level’ credits for projects using IMPACT Compliant tools*. In addition, a separate credit is available for undertaking LCC (e.g. through using the LCC features in IMPACT)*.

Under BREEAM 2018

With BREEAM 2018 up to 10 credits are available for undertaking an LCA, optioneering, reporting performance against an IMPACT benchmark, third party verification and LCA/LCC alignment.

BREEAM International

The current version awards up to six credits for using an IMPACT Compliant tool*.

*Subject to fulfilling specified criteria.

Other schemes

If you operate a full building assessment scheme and want to explore IMPACT integration opportunities, please contact us.